How To Learn English Grammar

Learning English grammar is an important part of learning English- or any language for that matter. There are several schools of thought as to how one should learn grammar in the most effective way possible. We are going to outline the two main tendencies here and then give you our educated opinion on the matter.

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How Can I Learn English Online?

You’ve finished your studies? You’re working hard and you have a busy schedule, but you would like to improve your English to make yourself more marketable? Then try learning English online: it’s much less expensive than traditional English classes and just as effective (if not more so)!

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How to Learn English Quickly

Learning English is a goal for many people around the world and for many reasons, but learning the language quickly can be tricky and difficult if you don’t organize yourself and know which activities to undertake.

The truth is, whatever you do, if you want to learn English quickly, you’ll have to spend most of your free time during that period engaging in activities that help you learn one way or another and one must find a balance between the basic areas of language learning that are listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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The Importance of Games when Learning English

Because games are fun, teachers and students have a tendency to overlook their pedagogical value. Yet, many language experts claim that games are more than mere time-filling activities: they make the learning process easier. At Break Into English (
we also believe that games have an important educational value, and this is why we make good use of them during our General English and Business English classes online.

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Games in the Classroom

At Break Into English (, we believe that, while teaching English classes online is essentially a serious process, games should be used from time to time to give students a breather and to trick them into learning more when they think they are relaxing. In our English Skype lessons, we found that games always come in handy to help our students find new energy and motivation, which in turn keeps the learning process interesting.

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Learning English by Watching Movies and Series

During our Skype English classes, one thing many of our students ask us is: “How can I learn English outside of my lesson hours?” One of the activities we recommend at Break Into English ( is to watch movies and series.

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At Break Into English (, one of the most important things we ask from our teachers is to be great motivators. Online English lessons should never be too easy or repetitive: students must be challenged at all times.

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The Key to Learning English Faster: Motivation

At Break Into English, the one thing that all of our students have in common is that they all want to learn English—fast. After all, as Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time is money.” So, how can students learn English faster? Learning speed depends on a lot of things, but at the forefront are these two factors: The student’s natural ability to learn a language, and the student’s level of motivation, which is determined by the quality of the teaching. Of these two factors, the teacher can only have an influence on the latter. That’s why the most important goal of our teacher training program at Break Into English ( is to help our teachers become great motivators. We accomplish this by having them follow these five golden rules for boosting student motivation.

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