Games in the Classroom

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At Break Into English (, we believe that, while teaching English classes online is essentially a serious process, games should be used from time to time to give students a breather and to trick them into learning more when they think they are relaxing. In our English Skype lessons, we found that games always come in handy to help our students find new energy and motivation, which in turn keeps the learning process interesting. Indeed, games bring more than just fun or a mental break: they help students learn more efficiently and improve their fluency as well as their ability to communicate.

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Why are games so positive in the learning environment? Because they involve competition and competition increases the student’s level of motivation and concentration. Students want to win or get a high score, and therefore they will get more involved and participate more actively in their classes. Time goes by faster and the learning process is made more enjoyable.

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For these reasons, games should be more than just short marginal activities done at the beginning of a class to warm up, or at the end to if some additional time is left. Games can be used at all stages of the lesson, provided they correspond to the students’ needs and are smartly chosen.

During our Skype English classes, we found that games are especially useful during student revision. Revising language structures for a second or a third time can quickly become tedious and discouraging to students repeating many times the same mistakes. Games help make the revision process more pleasant and entertaining.

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To conclude, games are helpful because they motivate students, improve their communicative competences and their fluency. Learning through games is an effective and interesting method that can be used in General English or Business English classes, providing that they are not used for mere fun, but for practice and review. For more advice on how to teach, you can visit: