The Key to Learning English Faster is Motivation

At Break Into English, the one thing that all of our students have in common is that they all want to learn English—fast. After all, as Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time is money.” So, how can students learn English faster? Learning speed depends on a lot of things, but at the forefront are these two factors. The key to learning English faster is motivation. The student’s natural ability to learn a language, and the student’s level of motivation, which is determined by the quality of the teaching. Of these two factors, the teacher can only have an influence on the latter. That’s why the most important goal of our teacher training program at Break Into English ( is to help our teachers become great motivators. We accomplish this by having them follow these five golden rules for boosting student motivation.


The Key to Learning English Faster is Motivation and Challenging activities

Lessons should never be easy. This is the most important rule at Break Into English. We want our students to be constantly challenged. Our philosophy is that learning English should be like going to the gym: students should be made to work hard in order to get better.

The Key to Learning English Faster is Motivation

Know When to Reward Your Students

Teachers should regularly encourage their students with rewards, but only if they deserve it. Contrary to what many teachers think, it’s not good to reward your students all the time. Teachers should be nice but demanding: they need to give an honest assessment of their students’ progress, so that they know what they’re doing well and what they still need to improve.

Never Become Predictable

Students should never be able to predict what will happen in class and answer questions mechanically. Monotony and repetition are the teacher’s worst enemies. If you surprise your students, they will pay more attention to what is happening in class.

A good element of surprise you can include in your lessons is to make intentional mistakes to see if your students correct them or not. Another way of keeping your students on their toes is to ask them to participate at unexpected times.

Do Not Always Use the Same Techniques

When teachers discover a good technique for teaching English, they tend to overuse it. This is a big mistake. Even with the best technique in the world, your students will become bored if they’re always asked to do the same thing. Variety is essential if you want to maintain a high student attention level, so always mix up teaching techniques and activities.

Encourage Friendly Competition

Friendly competitions are a great way to generate interest. They’re fun, exciting and help students learn faster. You simply have to find a good game and to divide the class into teams of near-equal strength so that everyone has a chance to win.

These are some of the methods Break Into English teachers use to motivate their students during online English classes. To discover other effective ways of keeping students interested, you can check out our teaching method at the following address. You can also watch parts of our Skype English lessons here: