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Learning English with neologisms

The process of development of any language never stops. Sure enough, for those who want to learn English it is no exception from this rule and new words and expressions enrich its vocabulary all the time. These newly coined words and expressions are called neologisms. Comparing English with other languages, it is possible to assume that it is the neologism champion as the Oxford English Dictionary is updated four times a year. This year, for example, only the third update, which took place in September, contained more than 500 new words, phrases and senses.

If you want to start learning English with neologisms, watch the READ MORE…

how to learn english grammar

To learn English grammar is an important part of learning English- or any language for that matter. There are several schools of thought as to how one should learn grammar in the most effective way possible. We are going to outline the two main tendencies here and then give you our educated opinion on the matter. READ MORE


Many learners complain that grammar is taught in an impractical and uncommunicative way, so let’s now work on some grammar in use and learn how to give advice in English with different grammatical structures in real life situations.


Both of these modal verbs are used for giving or requesting advice, but “should” is much more frequently used (especially in the negative and interrogative forms).

You should give up smoking soon. = You ought to give up smoking soon. READ MORE HERE

How to keep your English skills alive and well 

Have you noticed that if you don’t practice for some time, your English skills become somewhat rusty?

In other words, you have to do something to maintain your level even (or especially) on holiday not to lose language skills acquired through such hard work. And the longer the holiday, the more important it may be. “How is it possible?” you might ask. “When the only thing you want to do is idle about, learning English doesn’t seem to be a perfect holiday activity”. Well, the answer is simple – don’t take it as a learning process at all. Have fun and hone your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills at the same time. Here are a few practical ideas for you: CLICK HERE TO READ MORE…


What resources do you use while teaching Skype English classes for children?

I enjoy using a variety of tools and resources, much like what is used with my adult students – we all need motivation and a nurtured interest when it comes to language learning – colors and pictures are necessary, even for adult students! I generally stick to using PowerPoint, to keep lessons structured, whilst utilizing the eclectic methodology alongside of the PPP method – Presentation, Practice, Performance. To observe is to learn. The key is to make sure that your presentation is interactive and eye-catching! This will help younger students stay focused.

How do you keep children motivated and interested?

Be passionate as a teacher! Make lessons interesting — I base lessons on everything from expressing feelings  and learning songs through to describing food and activities. One has to discover what the interests of the child really are and how you are going to feed those. As the world-renowned teacher for autistic children, Dr. O. Ivar Lovaas once said: “If they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.” I also believe that reviewing past materials is essential to… READ MORE


Recently, I asked my fellow teachers at Break Into English (https://englishclassviaskype.com) to help me make a list of the most common mistakes in English made by our French-speaking students. After some deliberation, here it is: the twenty biggest English mistakes made by nos amis ze Frenchies!

Part One of Common Mistakes in English: 20 to 11

Mistake n°20: “You’re learning me English.”

Recurrent mistake due to the fact that in French, the verb “apprendre” means both to teach something to someone and to learn something from someone. For example: … READ MORE

Most common mistakes in English

Recently, I asked the other teachers at Break Into English to help me make a list of the most common mistakes made by our French-speaking students. Here is the second part of our ranking, from places ten to one: the biggest English mistakes made by ze Frenchies!

Mistake N.10: I win 5000 Euros a month. In French, people win money (“gagnent de l’argent”) whether they work, play at the casino, or receive a prize. In English, it’s not quite so simple. One earns money by working, but wins money by being lucky. Therefore, one says: READ MORE

Skype English Classes to Protect the Environment

Do you have English classes in an academy? Have you ever thought about how that affects the environment and how Skype English classes could do mother nature a big favor? Think about all the greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere every time you have your English class. READ MORE

How can i learn English online?

You’ve finished your studies? You’re working hard and you have a busy schedule, but you would like to improve your English to make yourself more marketable? Then try learning English online: it’s much less expensive than traditional English classes and just as effective (if not more so)! READ MORE


How to learn english quickly

Learning English is a goal for many people around the world and for many reasons, but learning the language quickly can be tricky and difficult if you don’t organize yourself and know which activities to undertake. The truth is, whatever you do, if you want to learn English quickly… READ MORE

the importance of games when you learn English

Because games are fun, teachers and students have a tendency to overlook their pedagogical value. Yet, many language experts claim that games are more than mere time-filling activities: they make the learning process easier. At Break Into English we also believe… READ MORE

games in english class

At Break Into English we believe that, while teaching English classes online is essentially a serious process, games should be used from time to time to give students a breather and to trick them into learning more when they think they are relaxing. In our English Skype lessons… READ MORE

learn english by watching movies and series

During our Skype English classes, one thing many of our students ask us is: “How can I learn English outside of my lesson hours?” One of the activities we recommend at Break Into English is to watch movies and series. It is a very good way to… READ MORE

planning classes

The main idea in this article is what I keep in mind when planning English classes whether they’re face to face or online with Break Into English the company I teach for when giving English lessons via Skype. As well as the obvious advantages of leaving class-time free for more productive things, this policy can also foment… READ MORE

teaching english via skype

Hello, at Break Into English we also hire native English teachers to give one-to-one English classes online. Skype is at the core of our business model. The teaching method and company manuals have been specifically developed to help students learn English in a virtual classroom by using Skype’s shared screen and… READ MORE

using skype effectively in the classroom

Thanks to Skype for offering us their “Getting Started” guide on how to effectively use Skype in the classroom. For almost three years now, we at Break Into English have been using Skype technology (long-distance calling, shared screen options, instant messaging services…) to teach online English lessons to individuals or small groups around the world. Reading this guide has definitely helped us… READ MORE

how to correct english students during lessons

Whether it be during traditional classes or online English courses (English lessons via Skype), student correction should follow a certain number of basic rules. The most essential of these rules is so obvious that we would not even bother mentioning it if we had not realized that it was often ignored, even by experienced native English teachers. Students’ mistakes must ALWAYS be corrected… READ MORE

learning english online is not easy but it can be fun

Contrary to what many online language academies claim in misleading slogans, there is no miraculous way to learn English quickly and easily. Mastering the English language takes time and a lot of effort.

At Break Into English we refuse to make our students believe that their Skype English courses will be a piece of cake. We let them know from the start that… READ MORE

how learning english is about to be revolutionized

Until the invention of Skype, there was really only one way of teaching live English courses, namely in a classroom with a teacher and a number of students varying from 1 to 20 or so. There needed to be a physical contact between students who wanted to learn English and teachers who had to meet in an office and bring along all their books, folders, CDs, and other pedagogical materials. But with the use of Skype, English lessons are on the verge of being revolutionized. The classroom is becoming increasingly virtual as students start taking their online English courses at home via Skype. No more carrying… READ MORE