Break Into English offers you some listening and reading exercises to help you improve your English. These exercises will allow you to learn new vocabulary, improve your grammar and syntax as well as your oral comprehension skills by being exposed to various native accents.

listening and reading exercises can help complement your classes 

Our listening and reading exercises will enable you to improve your English while learning what we hope are interesting things about the world. Each of our exercises includes questions and answers as well as key vocabulary to help you understand the content quickly.

Even if you are taking classes, it is important to try and do some sort of listening and reading exercises as often as you can to learn new vocabulary and expressions, practice your grammar, keep a fine-tuned ear and at the very least maintain your English level which you’ve worked so hard to attain.

It’s very important to always try and complement your online English classes with all sorts of activities outside of class. Online listening and reading exercises are a great way to do that as they are always available anywhere you go. What’s more, they’re often updated and kept fresh!

We also offer some free online English level tests that will enable you to have a very precise idea of your aptitude. This can be very useful if you’re going to head to a job interview in English. It is also just a good exercise to challenge yourself and practice your English! Furthermore, we suggest many other activities and techniques to improve your English continuously in our blog about learning English. You’ll find there many tips, tricks and information from our experienced native teachers.

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