Try our 30-minute lesson with a native English teacher whenever you want and see if our method is good for you... for free!


Online English Classes Via Skype 

At Break Into English all of Online English Classes Via Skype are taught by teachers who are native English speakers with ample teaching experience and have also undergone the thorough Break Into English training program. Our classes are based on an extremely dynamic method that focuses mainly on speaking and listening activities in class while reading and writing tasks are given for homework. We keep students constantly challenged through a variety of activities and a well structured course. Taking online English classes via Skype is much more practical and less expensive than traditional classes. You can have your lessons wherever and whenever you want and you will even be helping to protect the environment by avoiding unnecessary transport for you and your teacher. Some of these videos below will give you an idea of how Skype English classes are taught as well as introduce you to some of our activities:



  If you want want to sign up for lessons lasting more or less than 45 minutes (30 or 60 min. for example) or any other type of lesson you do not find on our page, please CONTACT US and we will send you a personalized offer. Also don’t forget to check to see if you qualify for our REFERRALS PROGRAM to get a special price on your Online English Classes Via Skype. Available payment methods for all classes: Bank Transfer, Paypal and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard & American Express).

A Variety of Online English Classes Via Skype

Break Into English is an online academy offering challenging and affordable 1-to- 1 Online English classes via Skype for adults and children. Our services are sought after and appreciated by students around the world for the following reasons:

Competitive Pricing

We offer individual tailor-made English classes with qualified native teachers starting at 15.75 euros per 45-minute class. In our opinion, there is no better price-quality ratio on the market.

If you are interested, you can see our full range of classes and prices on our website:

General English

Business English

Legal English

English for Kids

Online English Classes Via Skype

Free Trial English Lesson via Skype

For new students who would like to test our method before signing up for lessons, we offer free 30-minute trial lessons.

During this lesson, you will get a broad idea of the main activities we conduct during our lessons. Our activities include listening exercises, describing and talking about pictures, discussing headlines and quotes, short oral presentations, debates. We also have all sorts of dynamic grammar activities to help you eliminate common mistakes.

Online English Classes Via Skype with Break Into English

flexibility to reschedule or cancel your English classes 

Our students are able to choose their schedules freely and cancel their lessons up to 5 hours before the time of the class. Given the amount of teachers we have and the different countries they live in, our students are free to have their classes whenever they want: early mornings, late evenings, weekends, every option is possible.

English classes wherever you want! 

No more long trips in traffic to get from work to your language center. Now your language center is at home. You can choose to have your lessons from your home or whatever location you want! All you need is a computer/tablet and a good Internet connection.

Our Experience 

We have a growing team of 30+ teachers and 500+ students. We are currently collaborating with many companies of different sizes in varied sectors such as entertainment (SONY), insurance (Metlife), human capital management (Meta4) and entertainment (CINESA). With several of these companies, we offer both Skype classes and traditional in-company training (for groups or individuals). To satisfy our corporate clients, we have just created a new Advanced Business Coaching course.

Personalized Content and Dynamic Method 

The essential points of our teaching method are:

– Dynamic listening, speaking & grammar activities.

– Attentive mistake correction.

– Fully personalized lessons adapted to each student and focusing specifically on the goals that he or she needs to achieve, whether they be professional or personal.

We determine these goals directly with the students and proceed to give our teachers additional guidelines and indications to help them prepare their lessons. You will find more details on our method.

Online English Classes on Skype


As mentioned before, our teachers are native speakers who have been thoroughly trained to meet our high teaching standards. Also, at Break Into English, we have our own method and learning material for all levels. Classes are taught in a lively and energetic way. They are based primarily on improving our students’ speaking and listening skills. Grammar is always taught in a communicative way and reading and writing tasks are given as homework in between classes.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in one of our virtual classrooms!