Language classes online

language classes online

We are often asked if we offer language classes online other than English. The answer is yes! In order to purchase packs for another language, please visit our partner site Break Into Lingo, you’ll find over 15 available languages to choose from there, such as Chinese, French, Spanish and many more.

Our English classes online are what most of our students choose, but we also have many students taking one to one language classes online via Skype or other webcam applications such as Google Meet, Zoom or Teams to learn other languages. After English, the highest demand is for French, German and Spanish, but we also have some students learning Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Greek and Korean. 


The method we use for our language classes online other than English is exactly the same as the one we use for our traditional Skype English classes. Whether you are learning French, German, Spanish or any other language for that matter, our dynamic and challenging method will help you learn quickly by keeping you engaged and interested at all times. The lessons are mainly focused on oral comprehension and oral expression. 

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Most of our activities in class help students to improve listening and speaking which are much more challenging than reading and writing for the majority of students. That doesn’t mean of course that reading and writing are not important, but we consider that these two skills can be worked on outside of class. That is why we give our students homework assignments to complement the online lessons. The homework may include reading and writing, but it is then corrected orally in the following lesson.


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All of our teachers are always natives in the language they teach. This is one of our basic requirements when hiring new trainers. One other quality we look for in native teachers is first and foremost a genuine passion and enthusiasm to teach and help foreigners learn their language. Qualifications, diplomas and technical knowledge of the language is of course necessary and important. But what sets average teachers apart from the exceptional ones is the love of teaching which they will bring to their lesson planning, and share with their students in class. Their passion needs to be contagious in order for the students to accept to be pushed hard. Learning a new language is never easy. It takes a real effort no matter which method, academy or teacher you have, but having a passionate teacher surely makes it more fun and interesting! This is why at Break Into English, what we look for first is that extra spark that tells us that students will love this person as their own personal language trainer.

Our prices for language classes online vary from one language to another and type of classes that are required. Please contact us for more details at: info@breakintoenglish.com