General English Classes Online

    • 1-to-1 lessons with a trained and experienced native teacher
    • A dynamic method that maximizes speaking time and active student participation
    • Attentive and helpful correction of mistakes
    • Great scheduling flexbility thanks to our 6-hour cancellation policy

NB: * The length of your lessons can be modified after your order, so if you choose 30 lessons of 60 minutes, these can later be changed into 40 x 45 minutes or 60 x 30 minutes for example.

** We offer special discounts for family orders. If you are interested, please let us know via email at: contact@breakintolingo.com

*** Lessons purchased will remain valid one full year (365 days) after the date of payment.


Break Into English offers a very dynamic method that aims to maximize student speaking time in class while providing attentive error correction.

Though a variety of activities such as oral presentations, picture descriptions, summarizing audio clips, or working on grammar points in a communicative way, your teacher will strive to personalize the focus of your lessons and do all of the following:

  • Increase your fluency
  • Build your vocabulary
  • Eliminate your ingrained mistakes
  • Improve your grammar, syntax and pronunciation
  • Keep you challenged and motivated at all times

Not an easy task, for sure! That is why we only hire highly qualified native teachers who are selected among a large number of aspiring candidates. To work for BIE, teachers must show a passion for teaching and prove (through a series of mock lessons) that they can master the unique method that makes our classes so effective.

General English classes via Skype


We believe that online classes following a dynamic and tailor-made method are the future of English learning.

Physical classrooms are antiquated. Forget about commuting to your language school after work, finding a parking space, and arriving home late: now you can go directly home (or stay there), get comfortable in your favorite sofa, and let modern technology transport you to your classroom your native English teacher!

Our online English lessons via Skype, Teams, Meet… are the perfect choice for a modern lifestyle based on convenience and liberty of action.

With us, you will be able to freely decide:

  • your learning schedule
  • the topics covered during your lessons
  • the learning activities you enjoy the most
  • your teacher’s accent, and much more!


Every student is unique and has a distinctive needs and interests, which is why we developed a teaching method that is highly adaptable and does not include the use of set lesson plans.

Though we do have our own textbooks to help structure lessons, our main activities are easily modulable to fit the level and learning profile of each of our students.

Our online General English classes can therefore cover a large number of topics such as: Everyday English, English at Work, Job-Interview practice, Technical English (for engineers, IT or health professionals, etc), Science & Technology, Travel, and Leisure to name only a few.

These activities focus mainly on oral expression and comprehension in class in order to help students improve their listening and speaking skills and feel more confortable in an English-speaking environment.

Learning English is like working out


We know that learning English is not easy and we’ll never say that it is.

We are also well aware that students who spend their precious time and money to learn English want real professionals who are going to challenge them and take them to their limits.

At BIE, learning English is a bit like exercising. Most people who go to the gym don’t expect to lose weight or get in shape overnight. They are well aware that they’re going to have to sweat and work hard to reach their goal.

But that doesn’t mean the learning process can’t be interesting and fun!

You’ll discover that our teachers are friendly but tough and demanding personal tutors who will push you to reach your full potential and improve your level of English as efficiently as possible.

That means stimulating lessons, active participation in class, rigorous mistake correction, and regular homework assignments.

Rest assured that, with our teachers, you’ll be making the most of your linguistic investment!


The BIE method is centered on 5 activities that constitute the essence of our pedagogy. Here’s a brief description of each one of them:

1) Oral Presentations

Students are asked to prepare short (1 to 2-minute) oral presentations in between classes. These presentations can be based on either:

  • a professional or business topic linked to the student’s job (in preparation for a meeting)
  • a general English topic of the student’s choosing
  • a video, article or podcast provided by the teacher and related to the student’s interests

Students will then have to present the topic to their teacher orally at the beginning of the next lesson and with the help of notes and keywords only.

Key skills targeted by this activity: speaking, fluency, vocabulary.

2) Our Listening Activity

The teacher starts by playing a short audio clip or reading part of an article out loud (the segment lasts 30 to 60 seconds depending on the student’s level). The student then has to summarize the main ideas of what he or she has just listened to.

Learning English is like working out

After correcting the student’s mistakes and introducing a list of new vocabulary, the teacher then plays it a second time and asks for the student to summarize once again, but this time including the new vocabulary and giving more details about the segment.

Key skills targeted by this activity: listening comprehension, speaking (fluency & accuracy), vocabulary.

3) Our Picture Activity

The teacher starts by showing the student a picture or image and asks for a detailed description.

After listening to the student’s first description without interrupting, the teacher corrects the student’s mistakes and introduces a list of 3 to 7 new words.

The student is then asked to describe the picture a second time, including the new vocabulary provided by the teacher.

After the 2nd description, the teacher asks the student to imagine what the picture is about (where it was taken, why it’s in the news) and then shares the picture’s caption, asking the student to read it aloud, correcting his or her pronunciation if necessary and eliciting any unknown words. As a final performance, the student explains and describes the picture, using all of the vocabulary learnt during the activity.

Key skills targeted by this activity: vocabulary, speaking (fluency & accuracy).

4) Grammar (the BIE way!)

In most students’ minds, grammar is seen associated to lengthy theoretical descriptions, rules listed on a blackboard, and boring fill-the-gap exercices…

But that’s not at all how we teach grammar at BIE!

In our classes, grammar will always be done in a dynamic and communicative way, with as much oral practice as possible.

If you decide to work on conditional sentences, for example, your teacher will start by asking you questions using the 4 different conditional forms, rather than explaining them one by one in a tedious way. He or she will then be able to assess your level and help you focus on your weaknesses with the help of oral practice and clear explanations whenever you make mistakes.

Key skills targeted by this activity: grammar (obviously), syntax and speaking (accuracy).

5) The BIE manuals

For those students who enjoy a more traditional and didactic way of learning, we have manuals for General English, Business English and Legal English that are divided into Levels, Chapters and Units with homework tasks, vocabulary lists & grammar points.

Lessons are never based solely on the content of our BIE manuals, but they work very well in conjunction with our 4 main activities described above.

Key skills targeted by this activity: the 4 main English skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.