General English Classes via Skype 

English classes via Skype

Break Into English proposes an extremely dynamic method whose goal is to maximize students’ speaking time in class. Our well-structured material covers a diversity of topics allowing you to progress rapidly as well as personalize the focus of your lessons. We only hire highly qualified native teachers who are carefully selected among a very large number of aspiring candidates. To become a Break Into English teacher, you not only have to show a passion for the language and teaching, but every chosen candidate must also go through our intensive training program that ensures that all of our trainers will use the same method that makes our classes so effective. Part of our method is making sure that our teachers will correct all of your mistakes and challenge you continuously. 

Skype English classes are the future 

We believe that our method in combination with webcam technology, namely Skype English classes is the future of English learning. No need to worry about commuting to your traditional English school after work, traffic jams, finding parking space, arriving home late… With Skype English Lessons that’s all ancient history! Now you can go home (or stay there…), get comfortable in your favorite sofa if you feel like it, and let modern technology transport you to your classroom with your native English teacher who may very be on the other side of the planet! There are no more limits of time and space. 

General English classes with Skype

Our English classes via Skype include many personalized activities 

Via numerous activities and exercises, our General English classes via Skype cover a large number of topics such as: English at Work, Job Interviews, General Everyday English, Science and Technology, Entertainment, Business English, Leisure Activities and so forth. Each student chooses the focus of his or her classes based on their specific needs and desires.

Learning English is not easy, but it can be pleasant 

We know very well that learning English, or any other new language, is definitely not easy. And we’ll never say that it is. We also are well aware that students who spend their precious time and money to learn English want real professionals who are going to challenge them and take them to their limits. We think that learning English is like doing sports. Most people who go to the gym don’t expect to lose weight or get in super shape and fit overnight. They are well aware that they’re going to have to sweat and work hard to reach their goal. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting and pleasant! You’ll discover that our teachers are very friendly but tough and demanding personal tutors.