Online Legal English Classes

  • One-to-one lessons with specialized legal English tutors
  • Lesson topics centered on your legal sector and specific needs
  • A challenging method that maximizes speaking time and requires active student participation
  • Targeted legal vocabulary building and through mistake correction
  • A six-hour cancellation policy that offers great flexibility

(* The length of your lessons can be modified after your order, so if you choose 30 lessons of 60 minutes, these can later be changed into 40 x 45 minutes or 60 x 30 minutes for example.)

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Due to the prevalence of the English language in international relations, as well as its role as a legal language within the European Union, traditional English language training is not sufficient to meet lawyers’ English language requirements. At Break Into English, we have developed a specialized Legal English manual for our legal English classes that is thorough and systematic, with chapters on how laws are conceived and enacted, as well as on every major kind of law practiced today.

Our classes have a special focus on English lawAmerican law and law practiced in other English-speaking countries.

Whether you want legal English classes via Skype, in person (for Europe), in a small group or 1 to 1, we have a solution to meet your needs.


General english classes via Skype

Chapter 1

The Government and the Three Branches of Power

Chapter 2

The Legislative Branch: how laws are made
General english classes via Skype

Chapter 3

The Judiciary Branch: how laws are administered
General english classes via Skype

Chapter 4

Criminal Law
General english classes via Skype

Chapter 5

Obligations and Contracts

Chapter 6

Corporate/Company Law
General english classes via Skype

Chapter 7

Family Law and Matrimonial Law

Chapter 8

Inheritance Law and Property Law
General english classes via Skype

Chapter 9

Intellectual Property Law

Chapter 10


This manual is a solid basis that our teachers then adapt to fulfill our clients’ specific demands. At Break Into English, we believe every student must be taught differently depending on his or her needs, and this is why we put a great emphasis on flexibility in our teacher-training programs.

To reinforce and guarantee the quality of our Legal English program, we only hire and train native English-speaking teachers who have a background in the legal/judicial field by way of their academic studies, their professional experience or both.

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The course does not only focus on the various theoretical aspects of legal English mentioned above, but each of these is also complemented by the systematic study of actual relevant legal cases through “role-play” activities, debates, the analysis of the corresponding jurisprudence and other pertinent activities.

Break Into English also offers preparation for the ILEC: Cambridge’s International Legal English Certificate.