Interested in becoming a BIE Teacher?

We are constantly looking for experienced English teachers (and other foreign language teachers) to teach online, via Skype or other apps such as Zoom, Teams, Meet or WhatsApp.

Classes, which range from 30 minutes to 2 hours in length, are assigned according to teacher availability. You will start with one or two students and fill your schedule over the first few weeks. We expect you to work a minimum of 5 hours per week.

Teachers must follow our method and manuals to provide dynamic and efficient classes.

Important note 1: Most of our students need to learn English, but we are also looking for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Japanese tutors. (rates for these languages are higher than for English)

Important note 2: We are especially on the lookout for teachers who speak their native language plus French (A2 level or above).

Our hourly rates for 1-to-1 classes are as follows:

Euros per hour* Type of class Euros per hour* Type of class
12.75 General English (adults or children) 18.00-20.00 French
14.50 Business English 19.00-21.00 German
18.00-19.00 General English for French government students (CPF/OPCO) 19.00-20.00 Spanish, Italian & Portuguese
13.50-16.00 Group classes 19.00-20.00 Russian & Arabic
13.50-14.50 Company classes 20.00-22.00 Chinese & Japanese
14.00 Certificate preparation with adults
16.00 Legal English

*Please note that these rates are per hour, if you have shorter classes you will be paid the proportionate amount.


The successful candidates will:

  • Be native speakers with a British, American, or neutral accent.
  • Be computer literate and have a good internet connection.
  • Have a teaching degree and/or teaching experience in a school. (preferred but not absolutely necessary)
  • Be able to work in a calm environment where the student has no problem hearing you.
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