Online English Classes for Companies

  • Dynamic 1-to-1 lessons with experienced native English teachers
  • Lesson topics centered on your employees’ sector of activity and needs
  • Am efficient method that challenges students and maximizes their speaking time in class
  • Structured lesson activities and attentive mistake correction
  • Flexible 6-hour cancellation policy


Do your employees need to improve their English to communicate with clients and partners?

We would be glad to help boost your employees’ communicative skills in English and allow your company to reach a new level of productivity and respectability.

Over the past 10 years, we have worked with all types of companies, from multinational corporations (SONY, MetLife, Royal Caribbean, BEL) and mid-sized international companies (QIM, Talan, Mitek, Access Solutions) to smaller regional or national companies (Quanteam, HEG Fribourg, Amaris).

Thanks to these many collaborations and the know-how they helped us acquire, we have developped a very efficient method that works for all learner types.

By starting a working relationship with BIE, you will receive all of the following:

  • a great quality-price ratio
  • a trusted and dependable partner who will strive to meet your company’s needs
  • an experienced group of business English teachers ready to bring the best out of your employees’ linguistic potential.
  • a dynamic method focused mainly on active speech production and listening skills in class (reading, writing and grammar tasks will be assigned as homework and only if necessary).

Are you interested in a future collaboration? Then you simply need to call us (+ 33 6 34 27 37 86) or send us an email at breakintoenglishcontact@gmail.com and ask for a quote based on your company’s needs.

Our prices vary from 25€/h to 33€/h depending on the type of lessons you want and the amount of hours you order from us on a monthly basis.

And if you would like to try our method out first, you simply need to sign up for a free 30-minute trial lesson here. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Why choose online English classes for your company?

English is today’s universal business language. It is therefore vital for international companies to have employees who speak good English.

To this day, the strategy of many companies to improve or consolidate the English level of their workforce has been to invest in traditional classroom lessons. However, in today’s day and age, this is no longer a satisfactory approach for two important reasons:

  • Bringing a teacher in to give individual classes to employees is unnecessarily expensive.
  • Choosing to reduce these costs by having group classes may address the financial issue, but the level of progression of each employee in the group then becomes much slower due to the lower amount of speaking time and active participation in class.

This is the conundrum most companies have had to face for many years when choosing a language provider, but today, thanks to modern technology and professional online language schools, it is possible to have quality 1-to-1 English lessons online for very competitive prices.

Ask us a quote at: breakintoenglishcontact@gmail.com

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There are innumerable offers for online English lessons on the Internet that can roughly be divided into the following categories:

  1. Cheap schools offering online classes at cutthroat prices with non-native teachers who are underpaid and underqualified.
  2. Online platforms offering lists of untrained teachers bunched up hapahazardly and teaching conversation classes with no distinctive method, structure or mistake correction.
  3. Respectable and first rate institutions such as the British Council or Cambridge offering their own set of business classes at expensive prices.
  4. Professional online academies who work with trained and experienced native teachers and have their own method, but who nonetheless provide affordable prices for their clients.

We do our utmost to belong to this 4th category.

Would you like to try out for yourself? Then contact us by clicking below:


The main strength of Break Into English is a combination of excellent teachers and a dynamic method based mainly on speaking and listening activities taken from our own teaching manuals or from the Internet.

In BIE classes, students will be asked to make presentations, listen to videos or podcasts and debate the questions that they raise, describe pictures of stories in the news, and speak about various business topics.

Grammar, syntax & verb tenses are also reinforced, but always in an oral and communicative way. Mistakes are systematically corrected and we have many activities designed to improve our students’ pronunciation.

If you’re interested and would like to test our method, we can easily organize a 30-minute trial lesson to show you what a typical BIE class is like. You just need to sign up here. We look forward to helping you improve your English soon!

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