Online English classes for kids

Learn & have fun!
  •  1-to-1 lessons with a specialized native English teachers for kids
  • A fun method that maximizes speaking time and active student participation in class
  • Attentive and positive mistake correction
  • Homework assigned between lessons (including writing & reading exercises)
  • Flexible scheduling thanks to our 6-hour cancellation policy
NB: * The length of your lessons can be modified after your order, so if you choose 30 lessons of 60 minutes, these can later be changed into 40 x 45 minutes or 60 x 30 minutes for example.
** We offer special discounts for family orders. If you are interested, please let us know via email at: contact@breakintolingo.com
*** Lessons purchased will remain valid one full year (365 days) after the date of payment.

Try our online English classes for kids now and give your child(ren) the opportunity to:

  • Speak fluent English without a foreign accent.
  • Be able to work, travel and communicate efficiently when they become adults.
  • Have more job opportunities in the future.
  • Stimulate their intellectual development and mental agility.
  • Increase their understanding of language structures in general.
  • Learn more about American and British culture.



At Break Into English we understand what parents are looking for when choosing an online English classes for their kids. English lessons at the local public schools are not always of the best quality and generally not engaging enough. Also, more crucially, they are conducted in large classrooms of 20+ pupils which makes it impossible for schoolteachers to get everyone to actively participate in class.

The result is that your child’s speaking time is often very low and the activities tend to focus solely on grammatical, reading & writing skills, whereas improving the speaking and listening skills which are so important to communicate and work efficiently in today’s world are sadly neglected.

We are here to fill this lack by offering your child personalized one-to-one English lessons with expert native teachers for kids based on a dynamic and fun method that maximises student speaking time and interaction at all times.

So let us guide your child on the way to a successful use of the English language. To get started, you simply need to choose one of our offers above and, in a few simple steps, you will be ready to go.

Classes are recommended for any child aged 4 or above: the earlier you start, the better! The learning process is never easier than during childhood. Children are naturally curious and have a great capacity to learn instinctively and to immerse themselves in a language.

And if you’re still not fully decided, don’t forget that all new BIE students are entitled to a free 30-minute trial lesson to test our method before ordering classes on our website. Sign up below!



Our dynamic method for children is based mainly on speaking and listening tasks in class (reading & writing assignments are given for homework).

In his or her classes with us, your child will be doing a variety of stimulating activities ranging from short oral presentations, image description, games, songs, videos, debates, and more!

Thanks to this diversity of learning activities conducted by a select team of native teachers, we can guarantee that your child will greatly enjoy his or her classes with us all while improving his fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.



Parents often ask us if we offer lessons for beginners or young children. The answer is yes!

We have children of all ages and levels among our students who follow classes with trained & experienced teachers for kids.

That being said, we do not recommend online lessons for children under 4 years old. They’re just too young and do not have the capacity to focus on a screen for 20 or 30 minutes (or more).


Do your children have a tight schedule and many extracurricular activities?

That’s not a problem!

Thanks to our diverse team of native teachers working around the world, we can offer you the flexibility you need in terms of lesson time, frequency and lesson duration!


One of the key aspects of our method is that it is very versatile and can easily adapt to the levels and needs of our students.

We understand that each child has his own personality, interests, strengths and weaknesses. Our job is therefore to adjust the content and activities of our lessons in order to give our students the best (and most relevant) learning experience possible.



Would you like to try our method and meet one of our teachers for kids before ordering lessons?

Then you simply need to click on the red button below and we will arrange a free 30-minute trial lesson for your child(ren) as soon as possible.

We also offer special family discounts if several children of the same family sign up for lessons with us. If you’re interested, you can let us know via email at contact@breakintolingo.com and we will send you our offers for the packs of your choice.

Finally, please note that we also have an attractive referral program that you might want to take advantage of. Check all the details here!


Kids Teachers for English Lessons Online
Our English teachers for kids are all native speakers who have ample experience working with children. Each of them has been trained to ensure that they will meet your demands by following our fun and efficient teaching method for kids.

We apply the same standards of excellence when recruiting and training new teachers for kids as we do for our adult teachers. They must be highly qualified and motivated, have a passion for teaching, and be ready to adapt to the levels & needs of each specific student.

That being said, we do make some clear distinctions in the way we approach English classes for kids and those for adults. Kids need to be stimulated in different ways. Their attention spans are not as long as those of adults and they need to be more stimulated and entertained. For this reason, the activities we do with children can sometimes vary from those that our teachers conduct with adults, although the key objectives remain the same: getting the student to speak, listen, and actively participate as much as possible.

While always keeping the classes dynamic and challenging to avoid our mortal enemy, boredom, we try to take into account that kids have very full schedules today and English classes after school should be a moment in the week that they look forward to, not dread. Learn & play: that’s our motto!

Testimonial of the mother of one of our students (Anna, 14 years old):

“I was looking for a British teacher to prepare my daughter for the entrance exam (and interview) of an English college, on a rather intensive basis of 45 minutes twice a week during 3 months. The teacher had to be a native speaker with a British accent and exam preparation experience. The BIE team really took our needs into account, from the lessons schedule that fit into her timetable, to their content, since Leighanne, Anna’s teacher, took the care of exploring thoroughly the college website, the exams syllabus, etc, and suggested several ways of optimizing my daughter’s training.

The work was really personalized and very far from a simple chat on Skype. Each lesson was followed by homework for the next time. If our daughter continues her education in France, I will subscribe to a new course for a full year so that she can keep on progressing.

We came to Break into English to find a kids teacher with a perfect accent and we got this and so much more! Many thanks to Leighanne, Jeremy and the whole team!”


Sophie Soligny – Orange (Vaucluse), France