English classes for kids

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At break into English we understand the needs of parents when looking for English classes for kids. With our dynamic and effective method we can assure you that our especially trained team of native teachers will guide and aid your children on the way to success with English. Take a look at our great prices, choose the pack which you think best suits your family and in a few simple steps you will be ready to start your English classes for kids.

The earlier you start learning English, the better! The learning process is never easier than during childhood. Children are curious and have a great capacity to learn instinctively and to immerse themselves in a language. They also need to be constantly engaged and challenged while having fun learning, especially if it’s an after school activity and they’ve already spent many hours studying. 


We have a very dynamic and entertaining method for children based on listening and speaking activities. I’m sure your child would enjoy his/her classes with us all while improving his pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.


We have many kids of all levels that follow classes with our teachers that are specialized and have received special training to teach children.

You can choose any duration, frequency and schedule you like.

As far as our timetable goes, we are basically open 24/7, you can choose any schedule for your classes because we have Native teachers living in different parts of the world teaching at all hours and 7 days a week.

Note that we offer free trial classes to all of our new students. If you’re interested, we could arrange a trial lesson if you give us your availabilities.

Try our English classes for kids via Skype now and give your children the opportunity to:

• Speak fluent English without a foreign accent.

• Stimulate their intellectual development and mental agility.

• Increase their understanding of languages in general (grammar, syntax, etc.).

• Have more job opportunities in the future.

• Learn more about American and British culture.


Our instructors for kids are all native speakers who have experience working with children. Each of our teachers has followed specialized internal BIE training to ensure that they will meet your high standards and demands.

We apply the same standards of excellence when recruiting and training new teachers to teach kids as the teachers we choose for our adult students. They must be highly qualified and motivated, have a passion for teaching and be ready to adapt to our method.

We do make some clear distinctions in the way we approach English classes for kids and those for adults. Kids need to be stimulated in different ways. Their attention spans are not as long as those of adults. The activities that we do with children are not always the same as with adults, although some are similar.

While always keeping the classes challenging (nothing is worse than a class that’s too easy) to avoid our mortal enemy, boredom, we try to take into account that kids have very full schedules in today’s modern societies and English classes after school cannot be seen as something they dread. Quite the contrary, the English classes need to be a moment in the week that they look forward to! That’s where the quality and passion of our teachers is evident. 

What follows is the testimonial of one the parents of one of our students who is 14 years old:

“I was looking for a British teacher to prepare my 14 years old daughter for the entrance exam (and interview) for an English college, on a rather intensive basis of 45 minutes twice a week during 3 months. It was important that he/she (the teacher) were a native speaker with a British accent. The team really took our needs into account, from the lessons schedule that fit into her timetable, to their content, since Leighanne, her teacher, took the care of exploring thoroughly the college website, the exams syllabus, etc, and suggested ways of optimizing her training.

The work is really personalized and very far from a simple chat on Skype. Each lesson is followed by homework for the next time. If our daughter continues her education in France I will subscribe to a new lessons pack for the year so that she keeps on progressing.

We came to Break into Englisk to have a teacher with a perfect accent and we got this and so much more ! Many thanks to Leighanne, Richard and the whole team!”

Sophie Soligny – Orange (Vaucluse), France