Business English Lessons

Our Business English lessons via Skype are taught by highly trained professional teachers with extensive experience teaching specialized business classes for a variety of sectors: finance, industry, e-commerce, manufacturing, auditing, sales, real estate, banking, etc. 

Online Business English Lessons

Business English Lessons via Skype

English is the language every businessman around the world must know how to speak. If you are looking to develop your business English skills, meet Break Into English’s challenge and begin to improve now.

We offer three levels in our business English lessons with topics such as marketing, finance, sales, investments, corporations, and business contacts. These business levels are taught by specialized teachers who will tailor each class to meet your particular needs.

This course is for intermediate and advanced students only.

 Business English Course Description

business English lessons

In today’s global business environment, communication is vital. English remains the language of business. Aspiring business professionals should possess a solid grasp of business English to become effective and competitive in the global marketplace.

In this course, participants will develop valuable skills and vocabulary by actively participating in everyday business situations. Emphasis is placed on the ability to confidently persuade, negotiate, give and receive feedback, solve problems and work productively in a professional environment. Students will namely learn how to do the following:

– Employ suitable business communicative strategies.
– Speak more fluently and confidently.
– Communicate ideas more effectively and succinctly.
– Use a greater variety of business-related vocabulary.
– Have a stronger command of grammar.
– Write for different business purposes.


 Business English Lessons With A Dynamic Method

Business English Lessons Online with Native Teachers

Our business English lessons stem from years of experience teaching English in-company in corporations and multi-nationals such as Coca Cola, Unilever, Metlife and Credit Suisse. It is in such a demanding environment that we have developed our unique method that focuses on the essential areas of language.

We cover a wide range of business English topics ranging from finance and banking to marketing, innovation, manufacturing, retail and many more.

Business English is seen as a special part of English studies due to the use of specialized and specific business vocabulary that we might also call jargon. Mastery of the knowledge of general English in the broad sense as well as a profound understanding of specific forms are crucial to build a successful career in any international business setting. Mastery is needed for reading and writing skills, but more importantly, oral comprehension and expression.

In class, several work and business related aptitudes will be improved such as emails, conference calls, corporate presentations and meetings just to mention a few. 

Business English lessons