Online Business English Lessons

  • One-to-one lessons with a native business English teacher
  • Lesson topics centered on your specific business sector and needs
  • A challenging method that maximizes speaking time and requires active student participation
  • Targeted vocabulary building and attentive mistake correction
  • 6-hour cancellation policy that offers great flexibility
NB: * The length of your lessons can be modified after your order, so if you choose 30 lessons of 60 minutes, these can later be changed into 40 x 45 minutes or 60 x 30 minutes for example.
** Lessons purchased will remain valid one full year (365 days) after the date of payment.

Your Online Business Lessons with BIE

  • Do you have to speak English with clients on a regular basis?
  • Are you working for a company where English is the main language of communication?
  • Would you like to improve your English skills to increase your value in the marketplace?

Then you could definitely benefit from our 1-to-1 business English lessons taught by professionals with extensive experience teaching specialized classes for a variety of sectors such as marketing, sales, real estate, finance, etc.

Thanks to our dynamic method that focuses mainly on speaking and listening activities in class, you will quickly improve and become a more fluent and confident speaker of the English language.

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Online Business English Lessons

Our Business English Course Description

In today’s global business environment, communication is vital and done primarily in English.

All aspiring business professionals should therefore possess a solid grasp of business English to become effective and competitive in the marketplace.

In this course, students will be asked to:

  • make oral presentations based on notes
  • participate in role-plays mimicking real-life business situations
  • summarize articles, videos & podcasts after having listened to them once
  • debate the pros and cons of an idea, point of view or strategy
  • describe business-related pictures or images (or charts)
  • practice the art of negotiation and persuasion
  • give & receive feedback, and solve problems
  • focus on grammar points they have trouble with (only if necessary)

Thanks to this complete and varied set of activities, students will be able to improve their level of business English and work more productively by developing the following communication skills:

business skype English lessons

Speak more fluently and confidently.

business skype English lessons

Communicate ideas more effectively and succinctly.

business skype English lessons ideas

Use a greater variety of business-related vocabulary.

business skype English lessons vocabulary

Employ suitable business communicative strategies.

business skype English lessons grammar

Have a stronger command of grammar.

business skype English lessons write

Write for different business purposes.

Why Us?

Our business English expertise stems from years of experience teaching in-company English lessons in multinational corporations such as Coca Cola, Unilever, Metlife and Crédit Suisse to name only a few.

It is in such a demanding environment that we have developed our unique method focusing on a real-life and communicative use of professional English.

Throughout these years working with major companies, we came to understand that adaptability is key when meeting the needs of business professionals. This is why we always start our courses by pinpointing our students’ needs and devising the best way to fulfill them.

An efficient method, the ability to adapt to any student profile, thought-provoking learning material, and experienced native teachers with a business background.

This is what makes our business lessons so valuable.

Business English is seen as a special part of English studies due to the use of specialized and specific business vocabulary that we might also call jargon. Knowledge of general English in the broad sense as well as a profound understanding of some of its specific business forms are crucial to build a successful career in any international business setting.

In your classes with us, you will not only be working on specific business-related aptitudes (presentations, conference calls, sales pitches, emails, etc), but also improving your general level of English and grammar through a variety of speaking and listening activities (in class) and additional reading and writing tasks (to be completed in between classes).

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Business English Courses

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