All of our English certificates preparation classes are taught 1 to 1 via Skype with qualified native teachers who have extensive experience in preparing students to get ready for the various official exams. 

Skype certificate preparation class


The International English Language Testing or IELTS is a test to measure the proficiency of use of the English language for people who wish to work or study somewhere where English is the predominant language used for communication.

The test uses 9 levels to precisely identify proficiency.

There are two formats for the test: General Training or Academic

Both provide an accurate assessment of the four basic language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

At Break Into English we have several teachers that are experienced in helping students prepare for the IELTS. We tend to focus more on the listening and speaking aspects of training and preparation during the classes via Skype and assign reading and writing homework to the students that they must then present to the teachers in the following class. 

We also help students understand the test format

TOEFL Preparation Course via Skype

 The TOEFL test may be the most accepted and recognized test in the world. Over 9000 Universities on the planet require it from foreign students in order to accept enrollment and there are TOEFL agencies present in more than 130 countries. Wherever you would like to study, TOEFL is most certainly going to help you reach your goal.

The TOEFL iBT® test is taken on Internet and it measures each candidate’s ability to combine several skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

It is a very complete and comprehensive test in that manner and the scoring of test is renowned for being very precise and reliable which makes the TOEFL Test one of the leading tests in the world if not the most popular test for English language proficiency.

In order to best prepare our students for the TOEFL test, at Break Into English we use a variety of materials including official TOEFL practice series.

We help students by pushing them hard and beyond what they would usually be able to do on their own with our dynamic method and thus accelerating the preparation process.

To complement official training materials, we also offer additional exercises that tend to be more difficult than standard exercises so that students feel much more comfortable when it’s time to take the test.

toeic exam preparation 

 TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication and it has been renowned for a long time as a ver useful certification in the international business world. Whether you work in a multi-national corporation, an NGO or any other line of work that puts you in contact with people all over the world, TOEIC can be a precious asset to get your foot in the door when there is tough competition.

At Break Into English, we have native teachers qualified to help you pass the TOEIC test with flying colors by pushing you hard with relevant exercises and activities and keeping your motivational level at its peak  so that you can be ready for the exam in record time.