Our Dynamic Method

General english classes via Skype

Trained teachers

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In most English lessons via Skype with online academies, the policy is to hire non-native English speakers, give them a few manuals, and then let them do their thing. If you’re lucky, your teacher may do a good job because he or she prepares the class well, but more often than not there will be no standard you can rely on. At Break Into English, not only are all of our teachers English natives with ample teaching experience, but they have also undergone the thorough Break Into English training program. This enables us to guarantee that regardless of which teacher is assigned to you, he or she will follow the Break Into English method that has been tested and proven with hundreds of students in company classes before we decided to take the academy online.

Dynamic Method

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Our courses are based on an extremely dynamic method that maximizes students’ speaking time and keeps them constantly challenged through a variety of activities: “Listening”, “Debates”, “Questions for students “,” Knowing how to ask “,” Action verbs “, “Phrasal Verbs”, ” Headlines “,” Quotes “,” Pictures”,” Telephoning “, etc… For an overview of these activities primarily aimed at improving oral expression and comprehension (reading and writing activities are mostly assigned for homework), have a look at some of our videos.

Well Structured Course

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Our “General English” course is divided into 10 levels of 10 chapters each. Every chapter is subdivided into 5 units and focuses on specific topics and grammar points. From one level to another several themes are recurrent (for example: chapter 3 in all levels focuses on jobs and the workplace). All of our teachers follow this method systematically and this enables students to follow their own progress with ease.


Personalize the Focus of Your Lessons

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Regardless of your centers of interest, our method allows teachers to include more or less material for any theme you wish to include in the classes. You could say for example: “I would like about 30% Business, 20% Job Interviews, 15% Movies, 10% Sports and let the teacher decide for the remaining 25%”… These subjects will be fully integrated into the exercises and activities we use in our method during our English lessons via Skype: articles, grammar drills, new vocab, podcasts, debates, verbs, phrasal verbs, etc…


No Mistake Goes Uncorrected

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Many academies hire native teachers who do not always bother to correct the errors students make whilst expressing themselves. At Break Into English, one of our teacher’s main priorities is to correct the grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and syntax mistakes students make in English and thus eventually eliminate them from everyday speech.

Help Protect the Environment

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By taking English lessons via Skype, not only are you saving time and money, but you’re also helping to save the environment. Think about all the energy you will use and greenhouse gases (CO2) that you and your teacher will emit into the atmosphere every time you both go to the academy for your class by car, by bus, by taxi, by metro (in the best of cases some walk or ride a bike)… now multiply that by the number of classes you have in a year… if you have 2 classes a week that’s about 200 saved trips just for one student and one teacher; 400 if you count one trip to go and one to come back from your class. And let’s not forget the building you would be having your classes in which needs to be heated in the winter, probably air-conditioned in the summer… much more energy saved. So do the Earth a favor and use English lessons via Skype to make the atmosphere cleaner.

Legal english classes via Skype


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At Break Into English we have developed our own line of material which is the backbone of our method. Our material, both the manuals used by the teachers as well as the versions given to students, is very straightforward, clear and to the point. More importantly, the material guarantees a gold standard, regardless of which of our teachers ends up teaching you. Students can also spend as much time as they want reviewing the material at home in order to consolidate what has been learnt in class.

Practical & Cutting Edge

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Forget about commuting to that English academy after work, traffic jams, finding parking, getting home late, spending extra money on gas or public transport… With English lessons via Skype, that’s all in the past! Now you can go home (or stay home), get comfortable in your favorite sofa if you feel like it, and let modern-day technology provide you with a classroom experience that’s even better the real thing thanks to Skype and its shared screen and chat functionalities.

In-company english classes

Our Philosophy

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At Break Into English we know that learning English is not easy, and we’re not going to pretend it is. We also know that students who spend their precious time and hard-earned money to learn the language want real professionals who are going to push them hard and take them to their limits.

We like to think that learning English is like going to the gym: most people who work out don’t expect to lose weight or get in shape overnight, they know they’re going to have to sweat and work hard to reach their goal, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! You’ll find that our teachers are friendly but tough and demanding personal trainers.