Advanced Business English Coaching

An innovative method of teaching and coaching advanced business English within the context of Anglo corporate culture and values.

Advanced Business English Coaching

Advanced Business English Coaching: Course Description

Designed for executives who are active in international business and who wish to enhance their business English communication skills whilst broadening their understanding of corporate values, culture and social responsibility in the global marketplace.

This course is meant to be taught in-company to small groups of up to 6 students or 1 to 1. All of the teachers are highly qualified individuals with extensive real-world business experience who additionally are trained to use Break Into English’s dynamic teaching method. Companies often couple this course with 1 to 1 business lessons that are taught either online via Skype or in person.

Business English Training for Advanced Students

Course Goals

“I firmly believe that any organization, in order to survive and achieve success, must have a sound set of beliefs on which it premises all its policies and actions. I believe if an organization is to meet the challenge of a changing world, it must be prepared to change everything about itself except those beliefs.” – Thomas Watson – Jr. President and CEO of IBM.

The course will help the business English student understand the importance of having clearly defined corporate mission statements and values, and how corporate culture and values guide the vision, goals, policies, marketing and social responsibility of the firm.

Every excellent company breathes and speaks a language that is value driven and with a firmly held belief in the respect for the individual and the environment.

It is our goal to imbue the student with this knowledge and language.

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Advanced Business English Coaching Course Content 

Subjects are discussed and debated through interactive student participation; including: verbal and written assignments, videos, readings, debates.

A. What is a Company? What is necessary for a company to be viable?

B. The 8 attributes that characterize excellent, innovative companies. (From Tom Peters’ seminal book In Search of Excellence.)

1. A bias for action

2. Close to the customer

3. Autonomy and entrepreneurship

4. Productivity through people

5. Hands on, value driven

6. Stick to the knitting

7. Simple form, lean staff

8. Simultaneous loose-tight properties come from? What is their purpose?

C. Corporate Values: Why do the excellent companies have them? Where do they come from? What is their purpose?

D. Image versus reputation.

E. Servant Leadership versus Management. What is servant leadership?

F. Social responsibility of a corporation. Internal and external. It begins where? It ends where?

G. The damn boss! How to deal with a bad boss.

H. Firing: The parting of ways. From both sides of the table, let’s do it right.

course outcomes for students’ business english

Business English
Course Learning Outcomes ( CLO´s )

Students will learn to express ideas and concepts (ethical, moral) in the corporate language expected in the English-speaking business world.

Students will learn how to formulate an argument and to how make presentations in a convincing manner using proper business terminology and phrases in English.

Students will learn the Anglo corporate culture, customs and nuances so that they can better communicate and compete in the global English-speaking business world.

Course Teaching and Learning Activities

Throughout all the interactive exercises students are coached on proper pronunciation, business vocabulary and phraseology.

Listening skills:

Students listen to excerpts read from books by business authors such as:

  • Tom Peters
  • Jack Welch
  • C. William Pollard
  • Thomas Watson Jr.
  • Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard
  • Isadore Sharp

Listening skills are further enhanced with short video presentations on the same topics given by the same authors.

Verbal skills:

Students summarize, discuss and debate the topics.

Writing and presentation skills:

Assignments are given to each student on the given topics for them to verbally present to the rest of the class for discussion, feedback and debate.

Debating skills:

Students are given controversial corporate topics to debate in teams.

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