5 Free AI Story Generators to Spark Your Creativity

by | May 31, 2024 | Online education, Tips for Students

Reading and writing stories is something we all find interesting. It feels satisfying to create new fictional worlds. But at times, it may be challenging to think out of the box and come up with a compelling story. This is when AI story generators can offer assistance. 

Mostly, these tools are free and rely on artificial intelligence to bring you exciting story ideas. They can prove handy when you’re feeling stuck and don’t know where to start. We have tried some of them and found them very helpful. Now, we want to share the best AI story generators with you.

Top 5 Free AI Story Generators That Are Worth Trying

We have selected the following story generators after a careful evaluation. Each of them has the potential to be your go-to tool for generating creative stories. Let’s explore them one by one in detail below.

Note: you are supposed to take these tools as an assistance. Relying solely on them can negatively affect your credibility especially if you’re a student who has been assigned to write a story by their examiner.
Prepostseo AI Story Generator

Don’t be confused by the ‘’SEO’’ word in its name, it also offers many useful writing tools other than those facilitating SEO. It’s an online platform offering a wide range of SEO and writing tools. Its AI story generator is quite impressive, coming with high-end features and functions. The simple interface makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for. 

What attracted us the most was the ability to select the ‘’Story Type’’ and ‘’Creativity’’ levels. We had it write stories on diverse topics to test its capabilities and it surprised us every single time. The outputs were so accurate and of high quality that no one could tell if they were generated by an AI tool.

Key Features

  • Free Access
  • Unlimited Use Attempts
  • AI-powered outputs
  • Live chat support

If you are looking for a Free AI story generator that can help you with your story writing, this one can be a good option to consider.

AI Story Generator by Summarizer.org

Summarizer.org’s story generator is another option worth considering. It is equipped with the latest AI technology and comes with all the features usually found in a premium tool. We ran multiple tests on the tool with different prompts to test its capabilities. 

Surprisingly the tool returned with quality outputs every single time. Although all the outputs were satisfying, one story that it generated was outstanding. It was on the topic of ‘’Escaping from the Jaws of Deadly Beast.’’ The tool efficiently included multiple characters with varying roles in the plot. From suspense, and humor to drama, everything was perfectly maintained. We could get more such masterpieces if we spent more time experimenting with the tool. 

Key Features

  • Features AI technology for accurate, relevant outputs
  • Offers free access without any login to access the tool
  • Allows outputs in multiple languages
  • Easy to use and simple interface
  • Multiple creativity levels include Conservative, Inspired, Visionary, Innovative, Imaginative, etc.
  • Option to adjust the story length: Short, Medium & Long
  • Supports multiple story types, such as Horror, Sci-Fi, Classic, and more

It comes with both free and premium versions. However, the basic free version is enough for normal users with average needs. If you are after a story generator that delivers quality outputs, you may want to give this tool a try. 

Rewording Tool’s Story Generator

This story generator utilizes a simple and user-friendly interface. Plus, it has all the features that one would expect from an AI story generator. Apart from being free and delivering AI outputs, this tool allows up to 150 words as input text, which is enough to explain exactly what you want. 

We didn’t perform extensive testing on this tool. A couple of initial results were enough to make a decision about its performance. The results were satisfying and accurate. 

Key Features

  • Unlimited use attempts 
  • No irritating signup procedures
  • Supports up to 150 words as input text
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Option to choose the story length: short, medium, long
  • Multiple creativity levels

If you’ve tried many AI story generators and are still on the lookout, giving this tool a shot may prove useful.


This AI story generator may also spark some creative ideas for your next story. Although it allows only 50 words as an input text, it still delivers a satisfying performance. 

Our hands-on experience with this tool was good. We had it write 3 stories on different topics. Two of them were spot-on. One seemed to deviate a little from the title. But this was something we could ignore after getting two perfectly composed stories.

Key Features

  • Employs cloud computing to ensure smooth operations even at high loads
  • Features generative AI models to offer accurate and exciting stories
  • Customizable story options such as story length and creativity level
  • Allows 50 words as input text
  • Free to use with unlimited attempts

With the above features and functions, this story generator seems to be a decent choice for AI story-writing needs.

Data Numen’s Story Generator

This story generator takes approximately 4-5 minutes to offer outputs. However, it’s worth it. You get high-quality images together with an AI-generated story. If you want to save time and efforts generating images for your story, this tool may be a good choice.

We went with the same story title ‘’Escaping from the Jaws of Deadly Beast, ‘’ to see how that goes. We were amazed to see how efficiently it created images relevant to the topic. The story was impressive as well.

Key Features

  • Free access without any account creation
  • Delivers outputs of up to 1500+ words along with 5 appealing pictures
  • Offers how-to guides for users to make the most of the tool
  • User-friendly and simple interface

If you are looking for a story generator that can also provide you with relevant images, this tool is worth considering.

Comparison Table

This comparison table gives you a quick overview of the key features of each story generator discussed above. 

Story Generator Key Features
Prepostseo’s AI Story Generator Free access – Unlimited use attempts- AI-powered outputs- Option to choose story length, type, and creativity level- Live chat support
Summarizer.org’s AI Story Generator Uses latest AI technology – Free access without login – Allows outputs in multiple languages – Easy to use interface – Multiple creativity levels – Options to determine story length
Rewording Tool’s Story Generator Unlimited use attempts – No signup required – Supports up to 150 words as input – Simple interface – Options to choose story length and creativity level
Story-Generator Uses cloud computing for smooth operations- Customizable story options- Allows 50 words as input text – Free to use with unlimited attempts
Data Numen’s Story Generator Free access without an account – Delivers outputs of up to 1500+ words with a maximum of 5 pictures – User-friendly interface – Provides how-to guides

Final Words

We have discussed the top 5 best free AI story generators. We tested and tried each of them to test the capabilities. All of them are worth considering, coming with a different set of features and functions. You can try them to see which tool best serves your needs. The decision is yours.