Fun ways to practice English through games

by | May 3, 2018 | Cool & Fun, Online education, Tips for Students

Fun ways to practice English through games online

Fun ways to practice English through games? How? Learning a language isn’t supposed to be fun right? Most people when they think of learning or advancing a new language, they immediately think of sitting down quietly and studying a textbook… memorizing grammar and rules and more grammar and more rules.  Looking at a textbook for hours while learning nothing and being incredibly bored. You think of a boring classroom where you spend a lot of time being frustrated. For some people, this method is okay, but for many others including myself, traditional learning methods don’t work!

Well, good news for everyone!  There’s another way. You don’t need to be frustrated and give up.  You can still learn English by enjoying your normal everyday life. There are many fun ways to practice English through games!

Everyone learns in different ways and sometimes you can best learn without even realizing it, just by having fun. Today everything is very accessible and connected online and it’s a great tool for learning.

The best way to learn is to simply apply it to your own life and everyday hobbies. Learning shouldn’t be a chore but something you enjoy doing. Everyone enjoys different things, so let’s take a look at some of the fun ways to practice English through games for everyone and for any level.

online English games for children

 Online games for children

 As we all know, children don’t like to do things that are boring for them.  They only want to have fun and play games. A great way for children to learn is to disguise it through visual games and activities.  

ESLgamesPlus is one of my favorites and it’s one of the best!

This website is wonderful for kids to be educationally entertained.

There are tons of options and types of online games for English to develop all types of skills.  There are vocabulary games, sentence building games, word associations and much more! All of these games can be played online and some can even be downloaded.  This website is a great tool for teachers, parents and anyone trying to get children to enjoy learning and to have fun practicing English.


 Online games for beginners and intermediate levels

Fun ways to practice English online doesn’t only have to be for children!  There are many online ways to develop your English skills for teenagers and adults as well.  And it’s not just for advanced students. Each of these websites and games and great for those at a basic or beginner level.  They get you involved and focused on having fun while you are really improving your language skills. You’ll forget that you’re even learning!

online English games

Game Zone

This website has tons of free games as well as ones you can download.  Here you can develop all skills such as vocabulary, grammar and spelling.  Some of the most fun games are adventure style games that really pulls you into the fun.  

online games for english

Games to learn English

This website has a huge variety of games as well to develop all English skills.  Some of these games include hangman, matching and many of traditional games. Think of all of the first video games that we all played and loved.  These games are similar except you’re practicing English while having fun!


One of the oldest and most fun games out there! Scrabble allows you to really practice your spelling and creative word association skills. It was first created as a board game, but now you can play it online and even with friends.  All you do is take your letters and create words and build upon words already created. It’s fun and easy!


 Online games for upper intermediate and advanced levels

Lyrics training

One of my absolute favorite ways to practice English online is with music.  Lyrics training is a great way to develop listening skills. This is great for all levels as you can choose your level.  They take real music videos and have the lyrics written at the bottom, except some of the lyrics are missing. You have to really focus and fill in the missing words.  This is definitely a favorite amongst students since everyone loves music! It really brings the learning into your real life. Highly recommended!


Video games

Video games are an excellent way to have fun practicing English yet most people don’t really think about them in that way.  Most video games have an option to play the game in different languages, so why not play it in English!? Often times you can play with others and enable the voice and text chats, which allows you to listen, speak and think in English.  Even the guides and instructions will be in English for you to read and follow along. Almost everyone plays video games on a regular basis, so playing it while practicing English without even trying… what could be better? Some examples of games could be Call of Duty, League of Legends, The Sims, Grand Theft Auto and Counter Strike.  Have fun!

Technology has really made things easy for anyone to have fun practicing English online.  There’s no excuse! No longer do we need to be in a traditional classroom staring at a textbook memorizing grammar for hours.  Now we have access to anything and everything! Practicing English through games will help develop all of your language skills. Enjoy new fun ways to practice English through games!