How to get the highest score on your language exam?

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Online education, Tips for Students

get the highest score on your language exam

Language exams are a way for recruiters or universities to assess your level, and make sure you have the required skills either for working abroad or to attend a class taught in another language.

Indeed, if your score is low, the companies or universities will assume your level is not good enough in order for you to understand and be understood by others, and adapt to the environment.

The higher the score, the more opportunities you will have!

How to get ready for your language assessment test?

Having a good level in a language is a good thing, but facing the specificities of the exam is another. Because you have a good level does not mean you will necessarily succeed on the exam, this is the reason why you need to train in real exam conditions and become familiar with the pattern of the test.

For your training, you can take language classes, and/or work on your own. Many tools are available for you to work on your own, such as books or websites.

An online solution can be a good addition to your classes with Break Into English.

how to get the highest score on your language exam

GlobalExam is the leading e-learning platform fully dedicated to language test prep.

The website offers preparations for 15 different tests (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, TCF, DELF, etc.) covering 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese Mandarin).

On GlobalExam the user gets access to different features in order to practice for their tests such as specific exercises, study planning, mock exam, study sheets and progress tracking.

The numerous exercises follow the same structure as the official tests and each exercise comes with a detailed correction for each question. The mock exam allows you to train in real exam conditions in order to become familiar with the structure and get an idea of how you could do on the day of the exam.

Based on your results you can, intensify your leanings on your weak points with vocabulary and grammar study sheets. And if you know your exam date in advance you can even use a study planning that helps schedule your training so that you don’t have to rush it at the last minute!

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