The Digital English Classroom: 10 Tools to Enhance Online Learning

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Every parent and teacher knows how important it is for kids to learn English. It’s not just about reading and story writing; it’s about understanding the world, expressing ideas, and connecting with others. But let’s face it, traditional English lessons can sometimes be a bit… well, boring for kids. That’s where engaging English lessons come into play. When lessons are fun and interactive, kids are more likely to pay attention and learn.

Now, think about the gadgets and apps kids use every day. Technology is a big part of their lives, right? So why not use English learning apps to make English lessons more exciting? That’s exactly what modern education is doing. By blending technology with learning, we can create lessons that kids not only enjoy, but also remember.

The Need for Online Tools

The Shift to Online Learning

  • Everything’s going digital: From our shopping habits to how we connect with friends, and now, even our classrooms have found a home online.

Challenges of Online Learning

  • Keeping kids engaged: Imagine a child staring at a screen for hours, just reading. It can quickly become monotonous and boring.
The Need for Online Tools
  • Missing out on interactive classroom experiences: Online learning can sometimes lack the hands-on activities, group projects, and lively discussions that make classroom learning special.

How Online Tools Can Help

  • Bringing lessons to life: Online tools offering ELA games and activities can transform dull lessons into interactive experiences. Think of videos, animations, and quizzes that make learning feel like play.
  • Making English fun: With the right tools, learning English becomes an adventure. Kids can play games, watch stories, and even create their own content.

In a world that’s rapidly moving online, these tools are essential. They ensure that learning remains a fun and enriching experience, no matter where it happens.

10 Must-Have Online Tools For English Lessons


SplashLearn stands out as one of the premier online platforms for English Language Arts (ELA) enrichment. With a vast array of ELA games and ELA worksheets, it offers a comprehensive approach to learning that captivates young minds. 

Why it’s great: What makes SplashLearn the best is its adaptive learning path, ensuring each child progresses at their own pace. The platform engages students through interactive stories, captivating graphics, and real-time feedback, making learning both fun and effective. Additionally, teachers and parents can benefit from its detailed progress reports and easy-to-use dashboard, ensuring they’re always informed of their child’s academic journey.

    10 Must-Have Online Tools For English Lessons


    ABCmouse is a comprehensive early learning app that covers a range of subjects, but it’s especially strong in English and literacy.

    Why it’s great: This tool is packed with ELA games that make reading and writing fun. From colorful animations to catchy songs, ABCmouse turns learning into an adventure. Kids can play reading games that boost their vocabulary and writing games that spark their creativity.


    Starfall is a free public service that helps kids learn to read and write with phonics.

    Why it’s great: With its playful approach, Starfall offers a variety of reading games that focus on phonics and decoding skills. The interactive activities and stories make it easier for kids to grasp the basics of English, turning challenging lessons into playful sessions.


    Poptropica is an online role-playing game where kids can explore virtual worlds, read stories, and solve challenges.

    Why it’s great: While it might seem like just a game, Poptropica is filled with ELA games. As kids navigate through stories, they enhance their reading comprehension. Plus, they can engage in writing games by creating their own storylines and characters.


    Epic! is a digital library for kids, offering access to thousands of books, videos, and educational quizzes.

    Why it’s great: Beyond just reading, Epic! offers quizzes and challenges that test a child’s understanding. The vast collection ensures that kids have a variety of reading materials at their fingertips, making it a fun tool to enhance their English skills.


    Funbrain is a great language tutoring app that offers a range of games, videos, and books for kids.

    Why it’s great: Funbrain is a treasure trove of ELA games. From reading games that introduce kids to exciting stories, to writing games that challenge them to construct sentences, it’s all about making English fun. The platform ensures that learning is never a chore but a delightful experience.


    Raz-Kids is an interactive website that provides hundreds of eBooks at 29 different levels of reading difficulty.

    Why it’s great: It’s not just about reading; it’s about understanding. With Raz-Kids, children can listen to stories, read them at their own pace, and then take quizzes to test their comprehension. The interactive platform turns reading into a game, making it engaging and effective.


    Storybird is a unique platform where students can create, publish, and read art-inspired stories in professionally bound books.

    Why it’s great: Storybird takes writing games to the next level. Kids can choose from a variety of illustrations and craft their own stories around them. It’s a fantastic way to boost creativity and improve writing skills, all while having fun.


    Vooks is a streaming service that brings children’s books to life with animated illustrations and narrated stories.

    Why it’s great: Imagine the joy of seeing a favorite story come alive! Vooks makes reading an immersive experience. The animated storybooks capture kids’ attention and make reading an interactive adventure.


    ABCya provides over 400 fun and educational games for grades PreK through 6.

    Why it’s great: ABCya is a hub for ELA games, covering topics from letter recognition to grammar and vocabulary. The games are designed by educators, ensuring that they’re both fun and aligned with learning standards.

    These tools, combined with the earlier ones, offer a comprehensive toolkit for parents and educators. They ensure that English lessons are not just informative but also engaging, making learning a joyous journey for kids.


    In today’s digital age, learning English can be both fun and effective with the right online tools. From reading adventures to creative writing challenges, these platforms make lessons lively and engaging. Plus, keep an eye out for special offers that provide a discount on games, making education both affordable and entertaining.

    Also, to further enhance the interactive experience, consider incorporating QR codes into your English lessons. These codes can link to additional content, such as educational videos, pronunciation guides, or interactive quizzes. By scanning the QR codes with their devices, kids can seamlessly transition between the physical and digital realms, adding a layer of excitement to their language learning journey.

    So, whether you’re a parent or a teacher, consider integrating these tools into your lessons. They’re not just games; they’re gateways to a world of knowledge. Let’s make learning an exciting journey for our kids!

    Amy Gill

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