English classes for companies

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Skype English classes for companies

Skype english classes for companies

English classes for companies

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Advanced Business English for companies

Advanced business english coaching

Break Into English offers professional English classes for companies for all levels and necessary requirements of its clients. Our English training is done either online via Skype and other webcam apps, or in-company to individual students or small groups. All of our trainers are native English teachers that we train internally upon hiring to follow the Break Into English method which is uniquely adapted to the corporate environment.


English learning in companies

Break Into English is an online English academy specialized in English lesson via Skype with by Native English trainers. We not only provide English classes for adults, but also have English classes for kids and professional English training for companies.

Most of our students try a free trial lesson before they sign up in order to test our method and find out if our lessons will meet their needs. We always personalize the content of our lessons for all of our students depending the particular kind of English that each learner needs or wishes to acquire.  

We have developed our English classes for companies over many years while teaching in-company classes to major international corporations such as Coca Cola, Sony, Credit Suisse, AIG, Unilever, Metlife and Deloitte just to name a few. Our lessons are designed to meet the needs of each company’s distinct needs as well as the individual needs of each student in the company. Our teachers are trained to prepare different lessons for the numerous departments that are typically found in large corporations: Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Logistics, IT, etc.


Companies often need a combination classes and thus hire a combination of in-company classes and online classes. This is absolutely no problem and can even be very beneficial for the company and its employees. Online English classes and in-company lessons can actually complement each other wonderfully if coordinated properly.

Some companies also prefer to use alternative software to Skype for various reasons. At Break Into English we adapt without any difficulties and are accustomed to use other apps such as Webex, Google Hangouts, ooVoo, Line, ICQ and Zoom just to name a few.