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Break Into English offers English classes for children for all levels and all ages. Our online English lessons for kids are taught by highly qualified native English teachers that we train specifically to teach kids using our uniquely effective technique which keeps young learners engaged and challenged at all times.


Children in English class with parents

Break Into English is an online English language academy whose specialty is Skype English lessons taught by Native English trainers. We not only teach English lessons for kids but also specialized classes to prepare children for exams such as the A2 Cambridge Flyers.

Many of our students try a free trial lesson before they sign up in order to test our method and find out if our lessons will meet their needs. We always personalize the topics of our lessons for each and every student depending on the particular kind of English that each learner needs or wishes to acquire.  

Our English classes for children are adapted on an individual basis for each young learner. Our youngest students start lessons with us from the age of 3 or 4 years old. Very often kids start from a true beginner level, not having any knowledge of English whatsoever. Our method for teaching children relies highly on visually interactive activities and repetition of basic words and makes it possible for kids to start learning with us from the very beginning. Some parents feel more comfortable being by their kids’ sides during the first few lessons until they feel confident; we encourage this when the child is shy and not as engaged as he or she could be while getting to know the teacher. After a few classes, children get to know their teacher and the presence of the parents is no longer necessary although always welcome if they want to follow their kids’ progression.


At break into English we have a team of teachers who specialize in English classes for children via Skype. We train them in our method which focuses on speaking and communication skills. With younger children, teachers use visual materials from our course content guidelines such as pictures or videos and encourage the children to talk about and describe what they see. Children listen to the native teacher and are exposed to correct pronunciation and stress. As the child progresses, we have a series of activities which concentrate on advanced listening skills, for example lyrics in songs or educational videos online such as this video about mammals. Reading and writing skills are introduced gradually, with importance placed on comprehension and understanding when reading a native text and the ability to produce organised written work appropriate to the child’s age and level. Children are provided with feedback in the style of corrections, and are encouraged to improve their vocabulary range by thinking about their own mistakes. We always suggest activities and exercises to prepare for homework, but we understand that the child may not always have time to dedicate to study outside of class during certain times of the year. 

english classes for children skype


Every parent knows that children tend to pay more attention when they are interested in the subject, at Break into English we also know that our brains learn more effectively if we are actively engaged in a lesson. In order to optimise the effectiveness of each individual class, our teachers work with topics that are important to children of the age group and furthermore, topics which are of particular interest to the child in question. For example, with a 9 year old boy, we can study superlative by talking about the strongest normal type pokemon or the best attack to use in Clash Royale.