9 Great Reasons to Learn English Online

9 great ways to learn English online

9 Great Reasons to Learn English Online 

Thinking about improving your English? Here are 9 reasons why learning English with an online teacher could be best for you. 

Save time and Personalize your online English lessons 

1. Any time, anywhere

You are probably a busy person, with long hours and many responsibilities. Do you really have time to study in a school? If you learn English online, you can choose times that suit your working schedule; evenings, weekends, mornings or lunch time. It’s easy – all you need is your computer, a webcam and a good internet connection.

2. Save time

Let’s be honest, we never have enough time in our lives. Think about going to an English school – you have to drive in traffic and find a parking space, or maybe take a train or bus during rush hour.

If you take a class at home or at work by Skype, you can save lots of hours to do other things you enjoy!

3. Personalized lessons

Do you want to practice conversation, pronunciation or listening skills about a certain topic? Maybe you want to improve your English for an exam, an important job interview or a presentation at work. When you study one-to-one or in small groups, your teacher can tailor your lessons to your needs and your interests – it’s all about you! Read more about our dynamic teaching method to find out what it can do for you if you decide to learn English online and join the revolution!

learn English online with Skype classes

It’s very practical to learn online

4. Comfort

Wear your pyjamas. Have a cup of coffee. Relax on your couch.

If you are in a comfortable place, at home or in a quiet office, you won’t have other things to distract you. That means you can use all your energy and focus on learning English during your lesson.

5. Immediate correction and feedback

Imagine you are in an English class with ten other students. Your teacher can only give you personal attention for 10% of the time, maybe less! With online one-to-one English lessons via Skype, your teacher gives you 100% attention to immediately correct your pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary mistakes and answer your questions. This will help you improve your English faster.

6. All about the money

English language schools are expensive because they have to pay for the classrooms, cleaning, electricity and all the staff. Private teachers charge more when they come to your house and provide their own paper-based materials. You can save more money by studying English on the internet because online schools don’t charge you for these things.

7. Choice, choices, choices!

45 minutes? 2 hours a day? Three times a week? Individual or small group classes?

Online schools are usually more flexible than traditional academies, so there are many more options to choose from. Create a learning schedule that fits with your life and needs.

learn English online

Protect the planet and discover new technologies when you learn English on the internet

8. Exciting Technology

Which is more interesting: a lesson with a whiteboard, paper and a textbook, or classes with Youtube videos to learn English, news reports, photos and podcasts? Online teachers can use much more technology in their lessons, making it more fun and motivating for you.

9. Environmentally-friendly

Be kind to the Earth by using less paper and be kind to your back by carrying fewer books. With all your lessons and materials on your computer, you don’t have to feel guilty about wasting paper.

Also, by not driving or taking transport to a school, you use less petrol and emit fewer greenhouse gases… Skype English classes actually help you protect the environment!

So, there are many ways to learn English and everyone is different. Whatever way you choose, the most important thing is to find a teacher and a method that suits you.

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