How English Classes For Kids Online Can Help Their Future

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Online education

How English Classes For Kids Online Can Help Their Future 

Parents have many questions when it comes to helping their children prepare for, and succeed in, the future. Should my child play football or learn the guitar? How much time should my child spend studying and doing extracurricular activities?

But there’s another option: how about starting English classes for children online?

Here are 7 great reasons why your children should learn English for their future.


English is a global language that kids need to learn

English Classes For Children OnlineEnglish is often described as a ‘lingua franca’, which means it is a kind of language ‘bridge’ between two speakers who do not share the same mother tongue. English is used for business, international relations and diplomacy, tourism and is the main language for science and the internet. In fact, 1010 million people speak English around the world and just over half of those people speak English as a second language. Without a doubt, English is is a world language and it is here to stay.  English classes online for kids will help them to prepare for a future in a growing English-speaking world. 


learning English provides better job prospects for the future 

Having English on your CV is certainly a great asset, and for many jobs, it can be essential. For professional jobs in business, particularly multinational companies, speaking English fluently is very important. English is the language of science, and is therefore extremely useful for work in the fields of science, medicine and research.  It would be almost impossible to get a good job in tourism without English either. If your child speaks English, they will have a better chance of getting a good job in an international firm or finding work abroad one day. English Classes For Kids Online


Learning English online helps kids’ brains work better

Studies show that early language learning improves cognitive abilities in children. According to research, students who study a second language score higher on tasks involving problem- solving and evaluation – tasks which involve the highest cognitive skill sets. By knowing a second language, children have more resources to think of new and different ideas, which means they use different approaches to solving problems. This helps children to excel not only at school, but also in their future jobs.


It helps at school 

Learning English will help your children to improve their academic performance and opportunities. Many different studies have concluded that students who learn a second language perform better in mathematics and language skills, outperforming the others in  standardized tests. What’s more, children who speak English fluently will have more options for education, like going to an international school or schools in foreign countries. Teenagers will have a wider choice of prestigious Universities and courses around the world, and knowing English will improve their admission application.  


It’s easier to acquire a language as a child 

Young children don’t consciously learn a language; instead, they acquire it almost effortlessly. Up to the age of ten or twelve, children can also learn a second language almost without an accent. This is because the brain is more open to accommodating new and different sounds. When children study online with a native English teacher, they can easily pick up and copy their teacher’s accent because they are better at mimicking new sounds. They are not self-conscious about using different language patterns or pronunciation that might be different from their mother tongue. So the earlier they start, the better! 


It helps other areas of life

Learning English will help your child with their native language because it gives them a greater understanding of how language itself works. Learning English will help your child to improve their social skills because they will develop empathy and improve their cultural awareness. If your child takes English classes for kids online, they will have the experience of talking to and learning from a foreigner. This will have a great impact on how they deal with foreign people throughout their lives, in their work and in their travels. 


It opens up their world

Speaking English will bring the world closer to your child in a way no other experience can. English is the language of the Internet, so knowing English opens the door to a whole world of knowledge. Many films, songs and other sources of entertainment are in English, as are Internet chat rooms, forums and global discussions. If your child takes English classes online, they will increase their Internet competency and become even more familiar with new methods of communicating internationally, such as through Skype.  


English is fun!

When it is taught in a fun way, children won’t realize they are learning and will soon pick up the language. Lessons should focus on ideas and concepts that kids are already familiar with, like animals, school and family, and learnt through exciting activities like songs, poems and stories. English classes for kids online can be especially fun because of the opportunity to use technology like videos and interactive games and quizzes. English learning is ideal for entertaining and engaging children because they really like learning!