Tips for Writing Engaging and Unique English Essays

by | Jan 9, 2023 | Writing Skills & Spelling

In this fast-paced world, we need exceptional communication skills to impress people with our writing and convince them to believe our words. Therefore, having the ability to write engaging, informative, unique, and exciting essays is a must these days. If you have decided to learn to write engaging and unique essays, you have landed on the right page. This short but informative article will enlighten you with some tips for writing essays. Let’s learn.

Developing these skills is most crucial for students as they have to write essays off and on. With exceptional essay writing skills, they can pass their subjects with distinctive marks and enjoy a promising career ahead of them.

Research the topic before writing essays

Research the Topic

Do you know what the first thing you need to compile an excellent essay is? It’s topic knowledge. With command of the topic, you can easily make your essays more informative and convincing.

Moreover, you would have plenty of ideas to pen down in the essay, making them more interesting and engaging.

And nothing improves the topic knowledge more than the research. The research enlightens you about different perspectives, narratives, and exciting facts about the topic.

The research can also help you construct your thoughts and educate you about the hidden angles of an issue. And when you research and write essays based on the study, they become more effective, engaging, and unique.

Therefore, do your research before penning down even a single word.

Always Mind the Essay Structure

No matter what kind of essay you are writing, the structure is always important. In the essay structure, there are only three sections:

  1. The Introduction: In this section, the essayists must briefly introduce the topic and provide the thesis statement.
  2. Main Body: This mid-section is dedicated to the arguments where you give your point of view or present your ideas in support or against the thesis statement. You can also be neutral, but whatever you do, you will have to be rational.
  3. Conclusion: Finally, you have to conclude the whole debate into one or a few paragraphs and give your remarks based on the discussion.

One of the most important tips for writing essays is not to mix these three sections. Whether you give headings for them or not, your words should indicate what section it is.

Moreover, it is better to keep every section separate; when you mix them up, you frustrate readers and force them to stop reading or bless you with low grades.

Hence, always mind the essay structure.

Collect Ideas, Not Words

Cheating is a common phenomenon in essay writing. Students and even professional essayists copy others’ work and believe they can deceive their teachers and readers. Yes, they can trick them, but not plagiarism checkers. And most supervisors and teachers use plagiarism detector assistants to find out whether the essays are unique.

A plagiarism checker professionals use to check essays is very efficient in detecting plagiarism in texts.

Moreover, these tools accurately trace every plagiarism instance and also show the plagiarism percentage. So, don’t ever think of deceiving them, and avoid copying and pasting.

Instead, research your topic, use your creativity and write everything yourself. Moreover, don’t copy others’ words but ideas. For example, if you have read a book and liked a few lines, you can take an idea from it and write it in your own words. It won’t create any trouble.

However, copying and pasting those lines will raise the plagiarism percentage, which could harm the quality of your essays.

The best practice is to do your research, note the key ideas of every author, scholar, or philosopher you read, and state them in your style and tone. After completing the essay, must ensure its uniqueness. You can also use a plagiarism detector to ensure the uniqueness of your written essays.

That plagiarism checker will highlight duplication in your text if found. Once plagiarism is traced, you can quickly remove it and make your essays 100% unique.

Be Grammatically Correct

Essays are a formal type of writing. And there is no room for grammatical inaccuracies in it. So, when writing an essay, you should always be perfect in terms of grammar.

A single grammatical mistake can cost you a lot, as grammatical errors can entirely change the context of the text.

So, if you want to create an engaging essay with no grammatical mistakes, always check your essays for grammatical issues with an advanced grammar checker. That grammar check tool will tell you about every grammatical issue in your essays and provide valuable suggestions to remove those issues.

Here you can use the tool:  https://smallseotools.com/grammar-checker/, which is well-reputed for its accuracy.

Be Grammatically Correct

More tips for writing essays: Give Life to Words

To make your essays more engaging and unique, you must improve your vocabulary, writing style, tone, and expressions.

To conclude, learn the way to give life to words. With your exceptional writing skills, you can give words a life even though they are nonliving.

For that purpose, read your favorite authors’ essays and other writings to discover how they make their work lively. Reading them can help you learn more about essay writing and teach you to state anything more excellently.