how learning English is about to be revolutionized

learning English is about to be revolutionized by Skype

learning English is being revolutionized

Until the invention of Skype, there was really only one way of teaching live English courses, namely in a classroom with a teacher and a number of students varying from 1 to 20 or so. There needed to be a physical contact between students and teachers who had to meet in an office and bring along all their books, folders, CDs, and other pedagogical materials. In this article we will see how learning English is about to be revolutionized.

Skype Will Be Tomorrow’s English Learning Revolution

With the use of Skype, English lessons are on the verge of being revolutionized. The classroom is becoming increasingly virtual as students start taking their online English courses at home via Skype. No more carrying heavy books and folders around, no more wasting time going from work to English academies, just a simple click from your computer at home and voilà. One of the pioneers in this burgeoning industry is a company called Break Into English (http://englishclassviaskype.com/) which hires and more importantly trains highly qualified native English teachers to use an extremely dynamic method that keeps students challenged at all times with activities that focus mainly on speaking and listening activities.how learning English is about to be revolutionized

For students taking English classes that often last several months, this means hours and hours of personal time saved. Instead of waiting in traffic and looking for parking spots, students will have more time for themselves. This a crucial advantage for people who already have long working hours and cannot spend enough time with their family and friends.

The same applies for teachers who will be able to give all their online English lessons from home, needing only a high-speed Internet connection and a specific Skype-based training. Such a training, which demands only a moderate level of computer literacy, will show the teachers how to use modern technology to make their Skype lessons more appealing than traditional ones, for example by using Skype’s instant messaging box as a whiteboard, excerpts of YouTube videos as listening activities, or newspaper websites as a constant source of reading and writing exercises.

English Classes via Skype Will Help You Save Money As Well

Apart from allowing students and teachers alike to avoid time-consuming trips from work or home to the classroom and vice versa, there is one other important benefit of learning English via Skype: the price. English academies operating solely on the Internet do not need to pay for any office space, and thus they can offer quality lessons at much more attractive prices than traditional language academies. In expensive cities such as Paris, Zurich or Geneva, English classes in traditional academies can be up to four or even five times more expensive than English classes online. The best way for students not yet familiar with Skype lessons is to sign up for a trial lesson and see what it’s all about  (http://englishclassviaskype.com/trial-lesson/).

For these two essential reasons (saving a large amount of time and money), we at Break Into English are offering quality courses at a reasonable price (https://englishclassviaskype.com/in-company-english-classes/) and are convinced that once people will feel entirely comfortable with the idea of learning a language on Skype, they will start taking more and more English classes online, from the comfort of their homes or offices, thus significantly boosting this sector of the economy in the years to come.