learning English online is not easy, but it can be fun

Contrary to what many online language academies claim in misleading slogans, there is no miraculous way to learn English quickly and easily. Mastering the English language takes time and a lot of effort.

At Break Into English, we refuse to make our students believe that their Skype English courses will be a piece of cake. We let them know from the start that they won’t become fluent English speakers in a few classes, but that our lessons will be tough and challenging to help them improve as much as possible.

learning English online is not easy

learning English online is not easy, but it can be interesting

Internet students should not be taken for fools: if they decide to spend their time and money to learn English via Skype, they deserve professional teachers who know how to assess what progress they can realistically make each week and push them hard in order to attain these goals. Making promises that cannot be held may attract a few additional clients at first, but it is counterproductive in the long run, for the students who begin an online English class with impossibly high expectations will soon lose all motivation when they realize that their progress is in fact much slower than advertised.learning English online is not easy, but it can be fun

The secret to learning a language is to have fun working hard

A student must be willing to work hard in order to improve fast. Now this does not at all entail that his or her classes won’t be enjoyable. On the contrary, proving to oneself that one can follow a demanding English course is highly gratifying for a student. But for this to happen, it is essential that the student keep a positive attitude throughout the learning process.

This is where the teacher becomes important. His or her role is to help students in their endeavors by presenting each new linguistic difficulty as an exciting challenge and by instilling in them a real desire to learn and discover English. This is why we at Break Into English put a special emphasis on motivating skills during our teacher training programs (http://englishclassviaskype.com/method/). A motivating teacher is the key to successful classes and customer satisfaction.

learning English online is not easy, but that shouldn’t stop you!

In our opinion, teachers should act like friendly yet demanding personal trainers who stimulate their students and push them to the limit so that they can reach high goals and obtain gratifying results. To get a taste of what we’re referring to, we recommend that anyone interested try out our trial lesson (http://englishclassviaskype.com/trial-lesson/) and see how effective our lessons can be. If we extend this simile yet further, we could say that learning a language is a lot like working out at the gym. Most people who go to a fitness center do not expect to lose weight or get in shape overnight, they accept the fact that they will have to sweat and work hard to reach their goals. English students should have the same frame of mind and also accept that their level of English will ultimately depend on the level of personal investment they are ready to put in their classes.