How Skype English Classes Can Help Protect the Environment

online classes are good for the environmentDo you have English classes in an academy? Have you ever thought about how that affects the environment and how Skype English classes can help protect the environment? Think about all the greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere every time you have your English class. First of all you have to get on some mode of transport in order to get your class; obviously the most polluting way you can get to class is with a car. Most people drive their cars without any passengers, they are all alone in their cars making traffic jams worse and contributing to putting out more and more carbon dioxide into the air and making global warming a bigger problem we have to deal with. Most students go to their English classes after work right in the middle of rush hour traffic. They can easily waste up to an hour to get to their class if you include driving there, finding a parking space and then walking to the academy. A lot of people use public transport which is of course much cleaner than driving a car, but the more people use public transport, the more vehicles need to be made available. Buses, metros and trams are all very big that use up a lot of energy, so imagine how much energy we would save if everyone in a given city that was going to an academy all of a sudden decided to switch to Skype English classes (http://englishclassviaskype.com/) , that would probably enable the city to run less vehicles and save a lot of gasoline or electricity. You might be thinking that the frequency of public transport would not be affected during rush hour when you’re going to your class, but even if you were right, the mere fact of having less passengers on a given bus or metro will allow that vehicle to spend less energy to make the same trip than if it were carrying a heavy load (of more people). Indeed, the more weight a bus has to carry around, the more fuel it will need to burn and let us not forget that the electricity powering the trams and metros also comes mainly from fossil fuels and is not clean either. Those going to class either on foot or by bicycle do of course leave a much smaller carbon footprint, but it’s still there… With Skype English classes you eliminate all of these unnecessary trips to and from the academy and let the world breathe a little easier. Now let us not forget that there are no English classes without teachers, and these teachers have to get to the academy as well which means more transportation and pollution. It’s actually quite common for a teacher to make several trips a day to the different companies and academies that he or she teaches in and teachers all over the world are criss-crossing their respective cities and towns to get from one class to another. On the other hand, teachers who give Skype English classes can stay at home and make the city much less congested (http://englishclassviaskype.com/videos-of-english-classes-via-skype/). That also allows them to teach more classes per day and spend more time preparing their classes instead of wasting it on a bus.

Skype English Classes can help protect the environment

How Else Skype English Classes can help protect the environment

How else can Skype English classes help protect the environment? Another aspect of the equation that some tend to forget is the actual building where your classes are taking place. Buildings are also a huge source of greenhouse gases: they need to be heated in the winter, air-conditioned in the summer, cleaned and maintained all year round and lit when it’s too dark. Skype English classes saves space and energy because the buildings are no longer of use when both student and teacher are at home.


Skype English Classes are Good for Forests

find out how Skype English classes can help protect the environmentThen there’s also the issue of paper consumption. What does that have to do with Skype English classes? Well, when teaching via Skype, teachers and students alike tend to use only their computers instead of printed manuals, books, articles and exercise sheets. The manual do exist; at Break Into English for example we have our own structured manual and exercise sheets for students of all levels but we send the students their own copies via email (http://englishclassviaskype.com/method/). When we work on a news article, we don’t print out anything, we just send our students links via Skype chat. For our company alone, that’s hundreds if not thousands of kilogrammes of paper saved each year. No need to say that forests all around the world would be much better off if everyone gave up their English classes in academies and signed up for Skype English lessons. Think of every online class like as if you were planting a small tree (or part of a big tree) or a plant somewhere on the planet; if enough people do that in the world, we’re talking about square kilometers of forest that doesn’t need to be cut down.
So if you’re someone who thinks our planet is worth saving and you’re already doing things in your everyday life to help protect the environment, we hope this article has given you yet another idea to do even more to make the world a better place for future generations. If you are already taking Skype English classes, then tell people around you how they can help protect the environment so they can also make a difference by doing the same; the more people join the revolution, the better off we’ll be!