Teaching English Via Skype

Hello, at Break Into English (http://englishclassviaskype.com/) we also hire native English teachers to give one-to-one English classes online.

Teaching English via SkypeTeaching English via Skype is at the core of our business model. The teaching method and company manuals have been specifically developed to help students learn English in a virtual classroom by using Skype’s shared screen and instant messaging services.

The large majority of our clients are very satisfied with the quality of the teaching and the connection. Most of them are employees living in big cities and working long hours who would not have the time or money to take English lessons in traditional academies.


Teaching English via Skype is the most practical option

Thanks to Skype, not only are they able to learn English online at a reasonable price, but they can have their lessons from the comfort of their homes or offices without wasting time in traffic or trying to find parking spaces in the city.

That is a great benefit for them.