The Importance of Games when Learning English

The importance of games when learning EnglishBecause games are fun, teachers and students have a tendency to overlook their pedagogical value. Yet, many language experts claim that games are more than mere time-filling activities: they make the learning process easier. At Break Into English (http://englishclassviaskype.com/)

We also believe that games have an important educational value, and this is why we make good use of them during our General English and English classes for children online.

The importance of games when learning English are multiple

The importance of games when learning English are multiple

  1. First of all, games add a welcome diversion from the normal activities of the class. This allows students to let off steam and to feel better in their learning environment.
  2. What is more, games lower the students’ level of stress and anxiety, thereby improving the acquisition of language. Indeed, it is proven that students remember things easier and faster when they learn in a relaxed environment. Games help create such an atmosphere.
  3. Because games are very entertaining and motivating, they break the ice between the teacher and his or her students. Thus, they give timid students more courage to express themselves in front of others.
  4. Also, games are the best way to make students revise language elements they have already practiced and been exposed to.

For these reasons, we at Break Into English believe that teachers should be enthusiastic about games and use them as a true teaching device, and not just to have a break from more difficult and serious activities. Real learning takes place first and foremost in a relaxed atmosphere, therefore games should be an important part of the learning process during Skype English classes. This is why we created two fun tests on our website at the following address: http://englishclassviaskype.com/level-tests/.

In conclusion, teachers should value games because they help encourage and sustain fluency. It also helps students see the English language as fun and not just a not just a difficult subject that they are having problems learning and that can seem at times a little overwhelming.