English lessons with a webcam

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Online education

English lessons with a webcam

So you’ve decided to take English lessons with a webcam? Congratulations! This is the first step in a very important journey. But where can this journey lead you? Here we will explore 9 exciting ways learning English can improve your life and open the door to new possibilities. Keeping these ultimate goals in mind will keep you motivated and focused on your learning path.


Where will English lessons with a webcam take you? 

Better job opportunities

English is a global language and we are living in a global world. There’s no doubt that having English as a second language on your CV can open the door to more and better jobs! While this is especially true for jobs in business, medicine, aviation and tourism, English can potentially be used in almost every industry. Having a high level English certificate such as the Cambridge CAE, IELTS or TOEFL looks very professional and can give you a real edge against the competition.

New friends…

Speaking English is a wonderful way to meet new people from all over the world – not only native English speakers, but also people like you who speak English as a second language. Whether you are travelling, meeting foreigners in your home country or through work, speaking a common language quickly breaks down any cultural barriers. The difficulty of learning a foreign language is a great topic to break the ice with a stranger, as you will already have many shared experiences!

Are you single and attracted to tall, dark and handsome strangers from afar? Or maybe you would like to meet an exotic lady from across the seas. With so much travel and work happening internationally these days, it’s becoming more and more common for people from different countries and backgrounds to meet and fall in love. Whether you want a long term commitment or a summer romance, knowing the English phrase for ‘Can I buy you a drink?’ is the best way to get started!


Learning English with a webcam is so much easier 

 Ease of Travel

Have you always wanted visit a foreign country, but you’ve been too worried about the language? It’s true, there is nothing worse than getting lost in a new city and not being able to ask for directions, or going to a restaurant and not being able to read the menu! But even if you are in a non-English speaking country, the chances of finding an English-speaking person to help you are much higher than someone who speaks your language. So by knowing English, you can travel pretty much anywhere in the world without worrying about these communication issues. Get your passport ready!

A world of entertainment

English films, TV series, books and music are famous around the world, but when you are reading, watching or listening with the text translated in your own language, you are often missing a lot of the meaning. And how annoying are English movies with those silly dubbed voices! With English, you will be able to have a deeper understanding of the meaning with the authentic language, learn more about the culture and enjoy it a lot more.

More access to information
If you are taking English classes with a webcam, you are probably very familiar with the internet and you will know that most webpages are written in English. In fact, about 60% of internet text is in English! That’s a lot of information that you can’t access if you don’t speak the language. Once you have a good grasp of English, you will be able to interact with more people around the world on different Facebook pages, read interesting Twitter posts, and watch many of the English language Youtube videos out there.


 focus on improving your cognitive skills 

Get an Education

Some of the top-rated and most renowned Universities around the world are English speaking… ever heard of Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge? Many graduates from non-English speaking countries do come from these schools, but having a very high level of English is definitely necessary to attend. Many journals and academic texts are written in English, especially those related to science. Of course, if you already have a degree, there are so many other options to access further education and training in English – think about international conferences, distance or e-learning with foreign colleges, English lessons with a webcam, online courses or webinars (web seminars).

A Better Brain

Learning a new language puts a huge demand on your brain by forcing it to access different parts and create new neurological pathways as you force your mind to remember new vocabulary and grammatical structures. And as you learn new things in English, this will help you improve your memory skills, especially as you get older.

An Open Mind

When you are brought up in your home country, you are taught to see the world in a certain way, from your cultural perspective. There is nothing wrong with this, but imagine the new ideas and insights you can gain from learning about other cultures around the world? Learning English will allow you to speak to people from all parts of the globe, and open your mind to how other people experience life.

So, when you take your next English lessons by Skype, don’t forget about these amazing opportunities your English is going to bring you!