online English classes for kids

by | Oct 21, 2017 | Online education

online English classes for kids 

In this day and age everyone in the world understands that it is very important to be able to communicate in English. The most obvious reason for adults to learn English is to improve their job prospects – but what are the benefits of children learning English from a young age? And why are online English classes for Kids a better idea than traditional academy classes?

online English classes for kids

Why should children learn English? 

The obvious benefit of children learning English from a young age is to widen their career prospects later on down the line. Being able to speak English allows people to work abroad and is also a great skill for moving up the hierarchy within their own country or climbing the social ladder as some would say.

Many studies have also shown that learning another language from a young age has psychological benefits such as better critical thinking skills, a higher level of creativity and greater flexibility of the mind – the younger the child is when a second language is introduced, the better.


 Learning a second language young develops your brain

English classes online for kids help their brains developOne of the reasons it’s better for children to learn at a young age, is that they do so in a much more intuitive and natural way than adults. Not only are their brains “sponges” as is often said, but they have the ability to learn through sounds and mimicry, which is why most adults don’t really know the grammar rules they’re using in their native language every day, they just know something is right or wrong because of the way it sounds. When a foreigner makes a mistake, unless you’re a language teacher, you don’t know the technicalities of the mistake, you just know it’s wrong. Speaking of mimicry, it’s quite ironic that modern English teaching methods are actually now trying to mimic the way children learn languages and apply it to effective and dynamic learning methods for adults.

This potential that children have should not remain untapped. We’re in a “use it or lose it” kind of situation where if you don’t take advantage of those early years to use the these gifts of youth, they will be gone forever. Not only that, but using this potential is like flexing a muscle, the more you do it, the more your muscle grows, becomes stronger and can take on ever more daunting future challenges. And much like muscle memory, learning a language as a kid and acquiring these techniques from a young age gives you the tools to learn many other things intuitively as an adult, not only languages!

So now you know some of the benefits of learning a second language from a very young age. Which method should you then choose for your child, online English classes or traditional academy classes?


Which method should I choose for my child’s English classes? 

You should choose online English classes for kids for a number of reasons.

The first pro of online English classes for kids is the flexibility that it provides. Parents no longer have to hurry to academies after a busy day at work and school but instead can have classes in the comfort of their own home. Children can also have lessons during school holidays when most traditional academies are closed.

Secondly, children feel more comfortable in their own homes rather than an academy. In their home they are relaxed whereas in an academy they could be stressed or nervous. The pressure of having classmates can make them shy or embarrassed which is a big negative when learning a language. Children need to feel at ease when speaking, as this confidence is very hard to recover when adulthood is reached. And of course, the added benefit of being in a one to one class allows classes to be completely tailored to the needs of each individual child.


Online English classes for kids are the future

Online English classes for kids are very focused on the listening and speaking aspects of learning but learning via webcam is also very convenient for written and reading exercises. Teachers can send information in real time via a text box or instant text messaging. It’s quick, easy and environmentally friendly! Children can reply using the same method and any mistakes can be corrected on the spot.

Also, children find learning via computers fun. Kids these days love technology and find it so easy to use. Teachers can easily send links to online games and children will greatly enjoy using a computer to learn. There is a legitimate concern that kids spend too much time in front of screens nowadays and there is no quick fix to this problem, but one way alleviate these concerns is to have some of this time be quality learning time.

Another great pro of online English classes for kids is the money that is saved. When children learn via webcam parents save money on ever increasing academy prices set to cover high overheads such as teacher’s salaries and rent for the actual location. Money is also saved on petrol, not to mention the time that is saved travelling to and from the academy!

You can’t deny the benefits of learning English from a young age and now you know all the great advantages of online English classes for kids with an academy such as Break Into English.  Sign your children up today, you won’t regret it!